Cost of buying rolling plaster

In order to make clear how large the price differences can be with rolling plaster, two comparative examples are calculated below. Roll plaster is also easy to make yourself, so craftsmanship costs were not considered here. The comparative example refers to a room with 4 x 5 meters and a ceiling height of 2.60 meters - so a total of 60 square meters including the ceiling should be plastered here, if one deducts door and window openings.

Simple rolling plaster from the container

Price is the 20 kg container at around 35 €, the 10 kg container at around 15 - 20 €. According to the manufacturer, most of these products are sufficient for about 1.5 square meters per kg, so with a small safety reserve we need 50 kg for a total price of around 90 euros. In addition, there is the necessary depth reason for the area, which must be applied before. For a simple coat of paint you need about 10 liters, with a double coat of course twice that amount. Pricing is deep reason between 5 and 10 euros per liter, that is, you have to add in trouble-free surfaces between 50 and 100 euros, with highly absorbent between 100 and 200 euros for the deep reason. Thus, the depth of ground may even be more expensive than the rolling plaster. Roll, scraper and brush for the edges beat together with about 20 euros to book, if they are not already available, for the necessary Abklebematerial you have to expect about 10 euros.

Total cost therefore: at least 170 euros for this room, up to about 330 euros depending on the cost of the Tiefengrund. Comparative price: Lime plaster in the conventional cleaning process out of the bag, about 50 kg for about 40 euros, depth reason is often not necessary here.

Lime plaster as a rolling plaster from the professional manufacturer

The cost of the deep base can be saved here, lime roll plaster usually befriends with highly absorbent substrates, because it even increases its durability. For the container but you have to expect much higher prices, by the elimination of the deep reason, but this can certainly be calculated: The professional manufacturer is due to the greater fertility with a 20 kg container barely out, and that costs only 90 €. In this case, the much more breathable, ecological and high quality lime plaster with fine grain size is therefore clearly the cheapest alternative under the roller brush, conventional plaster to touch yourself is of course also much cheaper here.

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