Estimate the cost of scaffolding in advance

In many façade and roof works, a scaffold is needed to reach the areas to be worked on the safest possible way. The cost of the scaffolding is added to the final price of the craft work. Where are they located?

Cost factors for the scaffold

The cost estimate for a scaffold depends on which region you live in. In metropolitan areas, where the hourly wages of craftsmen tend to be higher, you will have to pay more than in the countryside.

Another cost factor are any extras, such as a rain cover or a fall protection net. The rental period determines the final price, but the rental price is much lower than the construction and dismantling costs.

Clarify beforehand whether the construction and dismantling are already included in the price, or whether you have to pay extra for this work. In most cases you will receive a package deal that already includes all scaffolding costs.

These costs are incurred for scaffolding

The average prices per square meter are at 2 weeks rental time around the 5 EUR. This price refers to a scaffolding without extras in a region with normal prices.

In expensive cities, you might pay 8 EUR per square meter, in low-price regions even only 3 or 4 EUR. For a fall protection net in case of roof work, the scaffolder will again charge you about 5 EUR per running meter.

If you borrow the scaffolding twice as long, ie for 4 weeks, you pay about 50 to 100 EUR more for 100 square meters.

A cost example for 200 sqm scaffolding

A homeowner needs a scaffolding for any façade work. 200 square meters of exterior walls must be covered for 3 weeks. All prices are without VAT.

Cost overviewprice
1. Assembly and disassembly, technical acceptance900 EUR
2nd rent180 EUR
total1,080 EUR

Cost-effective alternative: Rolling scaffolding

For smaller works on the façade, a rolling scaffold is also well suited. This type of scaffolding is cheaper to rent, which can be moved along the wall. If your property is suitable for this purpose, please inquire about the rental prices.

Tips & Tricks

For the work on the roof and façade, commission a craftsman who has his own scaffolding. You may be able to get the equipment of your house cheaper.

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