The couch: My favorite piece of furniture

The couch: My favorite piece of furniture: couch

The couch: it can not do without them!

The Bausparfuchs brings me in his blog on ideas that I like. So today I'm writing something about my couch, my favorite piece of furniture.

So, in the morning, I tend to think of my bed as the place of the world that I definitely never want to leave. Since it is warm, comfortable and the day stays outside first. But apart from that, I like my couch very much: She is older than me and comes from the year 1974. Since orange and brown were still fussy, Udo Lindenberg still wrinkle and hatless and smoking still healthy. But you could build a good couch even then. In brown, the surface velvety. At that time you would probably have said "Nicki" and not the Bavarian cowgirl meant.

The design is still timeless, Helmut Schmidt, at that time Federal Chancellor, is still on television. Also smoked in dignity, uh, matured. The cushions have admittedly become a bit soft - but otherwise the good piece still looks like the one on, well, ok, second day. Is so synonymous of the manufacturer, which still throws sofa landscapes at biblical prices on the market and whose name has a perhaps not accidental similarity with the name Sternbewehrter Nobel cars from Stuttgart. Wherever one built for that time also for the eternity: without refrigerator-like "valence pop" of the doors ran there no carriage of the tape. Anyway, my couch, now 38, is still in good health and is popping like it was in May.

Health in the back (also in the meantime historical Delling transition) is unfortunately also needed when getting up: It takes a bit of resilience to come up elegantly from the sensationally deep upholstered furniture. Munich '72 was not so long ago, trim-you-success by simple "feather-from-the-couch-get-up" guaranteed. All others are left with the crawling roller.

A small listening tip for the test seat: "Autobahn" from Kraftwerk. Also from 1974. "Ride, ride 'n' with the seating, perfect after a hard day in the office.

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