Prepare the couch instead of buying a new one

A high-quality couch is a rather expensive purchase, so it makes sense to revalue the good old piece instead of giving it prematurely to the bulky waste. Sleepy upholstery can be refilled and colorless leather can be repainted. Maybe you also want to replace one or the other textile cover?

Refill the upholstery of the couch

Coziness is paramount on the couch, so the upholstery has to be well filled, without dents or bumps. But beware: Too much padding material can be quite disturbing, then the ground feels unintentionally hard and the raised seat proves to be impractical.

So be careful when filling your seat cushions with new material. In question are mainly two easy-to-obtain fillers that feel quite different:

  • Foam boards: These should always be exactly cut to the padding to be filled. First remove the old material and replace it with something new.
  • Microbeads: This material is also offered on the market as "beanbag filling". The tiny plastic beads are easy to dose, add to an older filling and can be added at will at any time.

Rarely does a sofa have zips that serve to open upholstery pillows. In most cases, you will not be able to avoid separating seams and re-sewing them after finishing the couch or closing them with textile glue.

Leather sofa in new splendor: refresh colors, cover damage

An old leather sofa is relatively easy to polish optically again. For example, you can paint the entire surface with leather paint, and this works like this:

  • Massage the color in a circle with the sponge
  • Maintain at least one hour of drying time
  • if necessary, apply another coat
  • let it dry again
  • fix with leather fat and polish

After that the rustic old sofa looks like new! If there are only minor damage such as cracks and tiny holes on the leather, you can also repair them with liquid leather. This substance acts as a filler in many different shades.

Refurbish covers of the couch

If the textile covers of your couch are completely "over", it is possible to cover them with a brand new fabric. For sofas with single pillows that is quite easy, you should only be able to sew for it.

Tips & Tricks

Many types of sofa contain fixed upholstery elements in complicated shapes, which require reference in terms of reference renewal for a professional. This costs a lot of money and is only worthwhile for high value pieces of furniture.

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