Build counter, counter or bar yourself (building instructions)

Build a bar - as a cellar bar or garden bar

Blueprint collection for counter, bar and counter

Build counter, counter or bar yourself (building instructions): yourself

This is the true dream of every party friend: Build your own bar counter for the party cellar and celebrate the nights at home.

But in addition to the typical bar for the Coctialbar in the basement, there are of course also solutions for mobile bar counters and the outdoor version as a garden bar.

In order to save costs and become artisan active, we have compiled appropriate instructions for self-construction for you below. The building instructions are of course free.

We hope you enjoy browsing and copying!

Build the house bar yourself

In the 70s and 80s, wood paneled party cellars were in fashion. There were often wood-paneled bar counter made of heavy oak wood installed. Or one built the counter out of massive stones.

Nowadays, the trend is towards lighter construction. Often, only light glass blocks or plasterboard are used for the cellar bar.

Dracary's Bar Project

Project description of the construction of an extendable home bar. Project-accompanying blog series with illustrations and planning drawings.
at Dracary's blog

Wooden house bar

Brief instructions with material list for the construction of a bar on the corner of wood.

Building instructions party counter

Building instructions for a party bar with lighting, shelf storage and closed cabinets. Detailed instructions with blueprint and construction drawings as well as material list.
at Holzinfo

Counter with lighting [PDF]

How to build a counter with lighting yourself - construction manual as PDF
at Hornbach

Traveling cart with Arduino lock

Illustrated guide to the construction of a mobile bar in a locker trunk with time lock based on an Arduino Uno.
at Instructables

Basement bar made of glass blocks [PDF]

Extensively illustrated instructions for a bar counter made of glass blocks with foot rails, bar counter and dispenser.
at Prokilo

House bar made of solid wood

Instructions for a professional home bar made of solid wood and plywood with foot bar. Cutting templates in inches
at This old house

Illuminated counter

Start of a project description for the construction of a bar counter with LED lighting. Architectural drawings and illustrations.

Building your own classic bar

Solid oak wooden counter with footrests for guests. Extremely detailed construction manual (in inches) as PDF for free download.
at Free Home Bar Plans

ZerlegBar [PDF]

Construction manual for a mobile bar made of wooden boards for events. Very detailed and illustrated step-by-step manual with material list. Also non-alcoholic cocktail recipes. As a free PDF file for download.
at Landespräventionsrat Niedersachsen

Build garden bar

In good weather, the party will be relocated to the garden. Then you need a practical outdoor bar there, which is ideally mobile and fast to build. However, perfectionists in a sunny location may eventually build a permanent Tiki cocktail bar in the garden.

Build a mobile garden bar

Construction manual for a mobile garden bar made of OSB boards with space for beer keg and beverage crates.

Outdoor bar plans

A simple bar for outdoor wooden boards, which can also be easily adjusted.
at My Outdoor Plans

Tiki bar for the garden

Step-by-step guide with pictures for a Hawaiian exterior bar in tiki look.
at DIY network

Chespeake Bar Cabinet

Outdoor bar cabinet in the style of a plant table. Illustrated manual with many building detail drawings. Dimensions in inches.
at The Design Confidential

Build outdoor bar and grill

Detailed guide with photos for an outdoor bar made of natural stones with barbecue
at DIY network

Garden bar with counter

Construction manual for an elegant garden bar. Under the glass counter pebbles are visible. - Illustrated manual with dimensions in inches.

Gardenbar instruction video

Video tutorial by Ron Hazelton on the construction of a solid wood outdoor bar.
by Ron Hazelton

Build bar stools and accessories yourself

The necessary accessories for the cellar bar, self-built. Of course you need barstools built in front of the counter. There are variants with a round seat, which are lavishly upholstered, or simple wooden stools with square seats for DIY enthusiasts. Also for other bar accessories is taken care of: From the bottle carrier to the beer tent set as seating for the guests.

Build beer tent set yourself

Construction manual for a collapsible beer tent garnish made of solid wood, consisting of beer table with benches. Detailed instructions with construction drawings and blueprint.

Vintage barstool

Instructions for bar stools in the Shabby Chick. With material list and construction drawings. Also as PDF download.
with Ana White

Extra high bar chair

Construction manual for an extra-high but sturdy bar chair with backrest. Illustrated manual with architectural drawings.
with Ana White

Simple bar stool (square)

Instructions for simple bar stools with square wooden seat. Material list and blueprints.
with Ana White

Make a football tray

Make a tray with mosaic stones as a football field - Great idea for Bundesliga, European Championship or World Cup
at buttinette

Build bottle carrier

Construction of a bottle tray made of laminated wood as a project presentation. (Part 1). With "bottle decoration".
Michas Holzblog

Build a bar stool

Illustrated instructions for a self-made wooden bar stool
at Pioneer Thinking

Building upholstered bar stools

Building instructions for upholstered wooden barstools. With architectural drawing and detailed illustrated instructions.
Markus Diegmann

Barstool upholstery

Instructions for upholstering a round bar stool. Extensively illustrated step-by-step instructions.
Markus Diegmann

Football Coasters

Instructions for crocheting a Germany flag as a glass cuff and a drink coaster in the colors of the national team. Extensively illustrated text instructions with video.
at Küma Tutorials

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