Plank flooring - nature in the house

A floor made of plank flooring brings naturalness into the house. Depending on the type of wood and the varying degrees of hardness, this flooring meets almost every requirement and can be worked up several times. Different plank dimensions, decors and surface treatments leave nothing to be desired.

Wood - a durable material

Wood is a naturally renewable material and has a long history. He has always served as a building material and especially as a floor covering. Parquet floors are noble, robust and sustainable flooring. Plank flooring is commercially available in variable dimensions, a variety of different woods is available to choose from, and there are also numerous installation options.

Each tree has its own characteristics in terms of color, grain, knottiness and strength. Parquet offers the advantage over other floor coverings that it can be renovated. The signs of wear that occur over the years can be removed by sanding and re-sealing. Depending on the thickness and structure of the planks this can be done several times.


The hardness of a wood species is not fixed, it results from the growth of the tree. To determine a special wood hardness test is performed, according to the result, the classification of the woods. For heavily frequented and stressed rooms, wood with a high degree of hardness is suitable.

Optics and design

The choice of planks parquet includes types of wood such as ash, oak, beech, maple, walnut, cherry, olive, teak, rosewood or robinia. Since not every tree of one species of wood grows like the other, there is always a new look.

In addition to the appearance, it also plays a big role in how hard-wearing the plank flooring needs to be. The customer has the choice between oiled and sealed wooden floors.

Modern plank flooring retains its naturalness through the treatment with bio-oils or environmentally friendly means. The surface of the parquet remains natural and breathable, which contributes to the healthy indoor climate.

The structure

Numerous manufacturers offer plank flooring in different structures, the optical wear is intentional. There are wood structures with small color deviations and small branches to find, vivid color and structure differences, planks with sapwood, core, fills or cracks, and dark heartwood.

Tips & Tricks

Depending on the structure of the planks, the floor looks natural, calm, lively, rustic, expressive or antique. So this high-quality floor covering fits every style of furnishing.

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