Wash the cover from the mattress topper

Mattress tops make soft mattresses soft and fit perfectly to the body. In addition, they protect the mattress from dirt and moisture. Therefore, they have to be washed every now and then. Here's how to wash your mattress topper.

What can be washed?

A mattress topper consists of a foam core that is usually 4 to 6 cm thick and has a zippered cotton cover. Not the entire mattress topper can be washed, only the cover.

How hot can mattress toppers be washed?

Most mattress toppers can be washed at 60 degrees. Not only is this an ideal temperature to remove stains and contaminants, it also reliably kills mites and bacteria at 60° C.
Nevertheless, you should always consult the care label before washing. Mattress toppers with a low cotton content may only be washed at 30° C.

Is the mattress topper allowed in the dryer?

That too is different. Some mattress toppers can be tumble dried, but this is not common. If in doubt, you prefer to dry your mattress topper cover in the air.

Wash the mattress topper step by step

  • Washing machine
  • laundry detergent
  • optional: softener

1. Loosen the mattress topper

Remove the sheets from your bed. Then loosen the rubber bands from the edge, making sure that the mattress topper does not slip. Now open the zipper and separate the foam core from the cover.

2. Wash mattress topper cover

Consult the care label and wash your cover at maximum temperature (not more than 60° C) in the care program in the washing machine.

3. Maintain foam core

While the cover is washing, you can put the foam core in the sun or on the heater for airing. Outside, allow the mattress topper to stand outside for a few hours: at temperatures below 0 degrees the mites will die.

4. Dry mattress toppers

Get your mattress topper out of the washing machine and pull it apart at the corners. Then hang it on a clothesline and pull again. So it dries better and later takes on the desired shape more easily.

Only pull it back onto the foam core when the cover is 100% dry!

Tips & Tricks

If you sweat a lot or the foam core is dirty, you can clean it with a steam cleaner.

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