Sew a cover made of cloth or plastic

At first, textile sewing is an obvious requirement for sewing textiles. Foils made of thicker plastics and fabric tarpaulins are also sewable. As dust cover covers are also made of fabric that can be sewn individually, for example, a bicycle or a stored piece of furniture.

For multiple use with needle and thread edit

Most tarpaulins are made of plastic or fabric tarpaulin and can be recycled by recycling. For permanent and multiple use, sewing is an alternative to gluing the tarpaulin.

Thicker plastics and tarpaulin develop a stability at the latest by folding the edges and edges, the thread and yarn hold sufficiently and without tearing. So can be created for tarpaulins that are used as a wrap, good attachments by weights or eyelets.

Skirting to attach edges and edges

Both textiles and plastic sheeting are potentially at risk of tearing due to tearing. Skipping reduces this risk.

1. Turn over the edges of the tarpaulin
2. Sew up about five centimeters from the edge using a cross stitch or a parallel stitch
3. If necessary, insert a curtain stay as a weighting in the hem
4. When attaching eyelets, increase the edge distance accordingly

For plastics, it is advisable to combine sewing with gluing. Seams and folded surfaces can be additionally stabilized with spray adhesive.

Protect seams from wetting

When creating seams for tarpaulins that create moisture, the direction of tightness is important. For outdoor plots that are subject to precipitation, a seam attached under an "apron" or "bead" is better protected. Even impregnation with spray adhesive keeps the seam stable. Double seams significantly increase the tear resistance. As the appearance of tarpaulins seldom depends on the aesthetics, the slogan "a lot helps a lot" can be used.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to use a tarpaulin such as a cover to protect, for example, bicycles, garden tools or stored household items, sewed weights help. Following the principle of tablecloth weighting, stitched weights pull the tarpaulin evenly over the object.

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