Fasten tarpaulin partially or completely

In a renovation tarpaulin is often designed only loosely. If the workplace is affected by drafts or gusts of wind, it is worth fixing. When painting, fixings prevent the tarpaulin from lifting off from paint residues sticking to the soles of the shoe. There are a few possible less expensive mounting options.

Weighting as the simplest form of attachment

Tarpaulins can be used for single use or in reusable form. Thin plastic films are usually sufficient for cleaning and painting work. For more extensive construction measures such as walls, more resistant tarpaulins are recommended.

The floor and any furnishings such as furniture must be covered. The simplest and most frequently chosen method of attachment is the weighting chosen. As improvised holding weights are suitable:

  • Books
  • Dense plastic containers filled with water
  • stones
  • dumbbells
  • Bag with screws or nails
  • Tools like hammer, big pliers
  • Metal pipes or rods
  • Wooden blocks or beams

To protect the weights from dirt and damage, they can be packed in plastic bags.

Attach adhesive

Since a tarpaulin is usually used only temporarily, a sticking is purposeful only in some special cases. Adhesive pads for wall posters can be used well. Double-sided adhesive develops too much adhesive power and is difficult to remove.

For very thin tarpaulins that are susceptible to air draft, the adhesive power of water can be used. If the surface to be covered is waterproof, light moistening may provide "sticky" adhesion prior to laying the tarpaulin. Before starting work on the tarpaulin, however, their sliding and sliding behavior should be checked.

Tarpaulins with eyelets

For a permanent and longer use of a tarpaulin as a refuge, a fastening technique with eyelets and rubbers is ideal. The fringed tarpaulins have holes punched with metal eyelets at the edges. Here you can attach different attachments:

  • Double loop of an elastic elastic band
  • Hooked strap (similar to a bicycle luggage strap)
  • Knotted rope or rope connection
  • Ground anchor or pegs for hammering
  • cable ties

Prerequisite for attaching the tarpaulin are eyelets or rings that must be anchored in the ground or on walls.

Tips & Tricks

For attachments of all kinds, make sure that your tarpaulin can not develop "taut" corners. If a taut partial tarpaulin occurs, the tarpaulin will inevitably break.

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