Repair cracked connecting joints

Repair cracked connecting joints: repair

So that the dream bath does not become a nightmare, it is worth repairing silicone from the tube.

Who does not want a dream bath full of wellness flair? But only a few know that: Above all, this includes tight connection joints around the shower or sink.

If they are cracked, water can penetrate and, in the worst case, mold can form - this would make the bathroom more of a nightmare.

So: repair old, unsightly connection joints early enough. "Sista Reparatur Silicon" is the ideal helper.

Moisture or the stresses of everyday life make elastic joints difficult to deal with: they are quickly cracked, moldy or leaking, so they need to be replaced. Otherwise, severe and above all costly damage may occur in the masonry.

Therefore: Become active and seal yourself - even before damage occurs.
With the new "repair silicone" from Sista, even inexperienced people can do it themselves. The water-based quality product reliably repairs defective joints, is completely waterproof and inhibits the growth of fungi.
Another advantage: "Sista Reparatur Silicon" is available in the practical 150 ml cartridge, which is perfect for minor repairs - so you do not have to throw away any unnecessary remainders later on.

That's how it works:

  • First cut out the old sealant with a cutter or a grooved shark and mask the cleaned joints with adhesive tape on both sides.
  • Additional plus: Since the special silicone is also liable to old silicone residues, the joint does not need to be additionally cleaned with silicone remover. This saves time and effort!
  • Depending on the width of the joint, the nozzle tip of the cartridge can now be cut off - always orienting it at the widest joint.
  • Then apply the sealant evenly into the joint
  • and spray with Pril water for smoothing.
  • With a smoothing cutter, remove the excess mass, at the corners, if necessary, touch up with your fingers - Done!

Sista Reparatur Silicon "in the colors" silver gray "and" white "adhere reliably to glass, ceramics and many metals as well as to masonry and is applicable inside and outside.

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