Repair torn shutters yourself

When a shutter is torn, it is in most cases the roller shutter belt. Rarer is the tearing of lamellae or their connections. Both damages are easy to repair yourself if the sequence of the individual steps is well thought out.

Replace blades or replace belt

If the slats of a shutter are cracked, the affected slats are usually easily replaced. For this purpose, the shutter must be completely disassembled. Depending on the type of roller shutter, the release of the lateral guide is necessary. For all blinds, the slats must be unscrewed from the upper bracket on the take-up roll. Then the broken slats are pulled out laterally and replaced by replacement slats.

If a belt is broken, the repair must be performed on belt winder in the wall and in the roller shutter box. It is advisable to always use a new belt, as a crack points to a fundamental and not always visible material fatigue.

Repair torn roller shutter belt yourself

  • replacement belt
  • screwdriver
  • wooden wedges
  • Lochzange

1. Pull up shutters

Open the roller shutter box and roll the roller shutter evenly by hand onto the shaft or take-up reel.

2. Fix shutters

After rolling up, wedge the wound shutters with wooden wedges so that they remain in the rolled-up position.

3. Unscrew the belt winder

Remove the unscrewed belt retractor from the wall and loosen the remainder of the old belt.

4. Tension the belt winder

Turn the belt winder with your hand so that it reaches the optimum spring tension. Orient yourself at the location of the remainder of the old belt.

5. Wrap new strap

Attach the new strap to the retractor lock pin, if necessary, through a hole that you snap in with the hole pliers. Wrap the belt and thread its end through the exit slot.

6. Wind on the shaft

Pass the open end of the new belt through the feed to the roller shutter box. Wrap the other end of the strap in the same way as for the rewinder.

7. Lower the shutters

Loosen the wedging and slowly guide the shutter to the lowered position with your hand. Close the roller shutter box and reinstall the rewinder on the wall.

Tips & Tricks

When repairing a torn roller shutter belt, an assistant is recommended to support the tension conditions of the winding elements by hand.

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