Cracks in the clinker façade: What can be done about it?

It really is not a pretty sight: Through the joints of the clinker façade long cracks, the mortar crumble away just like that. This not only looks ugly, but also brings with it dangers: the more gaps arise, the deeper the rain penetrates, seeps into hidden gaps and decomposes very gradually the building fabric. In frost, it can even lead to larger blasts! Free your outer walls better from these cracks.

The joints as a weak point of a clinker facade

The joints are generally the weak point of the clinker facade, here are the years of exposure to the weather first. But do not worry: it usually takes 20 to 30 years before the damage really becomes apparent. In some cases even longer.

The bonding agent of the grout is gradually washed away in this long succession of seasons, the rest simply crumbles away. Since the joints make up a total façade share of up to 30%, this development is very serious.

Cracks in the clinker façade: What can be done about it?: façade

You may also notice holes and moss on your clinker joints: these shortcomings also clearly show that something is totally wrong here. Moss grows only on permanently damp ground and the holes indicate how weak the material has already become.

Fix cracks: This is how you redevelop your clinker façade

It does not help: The old, crumbling mortar must go! Unfortunately, he can no longer be fastened, and he also does not offer a solid foundation. So unfortunately you have to make short work of it.

  • Scrape your joints with a sturdy knife.
  • Alternatively use a drill or a diamond cutter.
  • Thoroughly clean the joints from leftovers, dust and dirt.
  • If possible, remove any broken stones.
  • Replace the damaged stones with new ones.
  • Water the open joints slightly in sections with a brush.
  • Apply new mortar in sections.
  • Wash the fresh mortar off the surfaces of the clinker.

Tips & Tricks

It takes some time, of course, to rework the joints of a complete façade. This can be quite expensive for a professional company. You may also dare to do this work yourself, get advice from a specialist and then save a lot of money.

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