Correct cracks in the interior plaster properly

Cracks in the plaster are annoying and disturb the appearance. So that they do not spread further, they should be eliminated. But if you think that a bit of plaster or paint is enough, you're wrong.

How do you achieve a sustainable result?

A small shrinkage crack or a gap between the window or door reveal has disappeared relatively quickly with a putty. Treating large cracks with it brings short-term success but no guarantee that they will break up again. Work and effort would be free. But what to do? Here are two ways to spatulate the interior plaster or in addition to "nets".

Which pretreatments are necessary?

You need:

  • spatula
  • wide spatula
  • putty
  • mortar bucket
  • optional fiber optic network
  • optional glass fabric adhesive

First clean the wall of all loose cleaning parts. For this purpose, a spatula, with which you scrape off all loose or already lifted plaster areas. You should not be squeamish, but also not remove the stuck plaster with.

How is filling?

To close the cracks you can buy a commercially available filler. It is easy to process and easy to handle for the layman. Stir it to a creamy, stiff mass according to instructions.
The finished putty is applied with a broad spatula directly to the cracked wall and from bottom to top. With some feeling press the mass into the wells. Then it is filled again from left to right to fill everything.

How is it finished?

In order to achieve a sustainable result, the wall can still be filled. For this purpose, a glass fabric adhesive is applied to the filler, which it gives as a ready-to-brush product in the trade. Then comes the size corresponding glass fiber mat, which is pressed with stroking movements in the glue. Remove excess glue with a spatula. After complete drying, the wall can be further processed, for example with a paint.

Tips & Tricks

In order to compensate for the minimal difference in height between glass fiber mat and wall, it is recommended to paint the edges with your wall paint first, before the rest of the wall is painted.

Product Image: Heartkiki / Shutterstock

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