Crafting ideas for the poinsettia

Tinker at Christmas

Crafting ideas for the poinsettia: stars

Below you will find many more crafting ideas around the poinsettia. Window pictures and Christmas decorations in various designs enchant the local windows.

The variety of instructions for your Christmas decoration gives you the opportunity to make many different stars that you can hang on the window or on the Christmas tree. Design your rooms to match the winter harmonious period with stars that contribute to the Christmas mood.

We hope you enjoy crafting!

Stars as a window picture and Christmas crafting ideas

Simple star

from gold foil

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Napkin technique on light bags

Crafting instructions for decorating Christmas light bags with decoupage technique

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Christmas crafting ideas

Crafting instructions for stars made of paper or polystyrene for Advent wreaths, arrangements, lanterns, window pictures or as tree ornaments

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Big poinsettia made of wire

Bend and make a star of wire - instructions for advanced hobbyists

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Tinker poinsettia in steel look

With a sturdy cardboard and silver spray paint creates an extraordinary 3D Christmas star in steel look.

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Making light stars out of ibex edges

Since children like to eat ice cream, you can pick up the year over the ice stalks and tinker Christmas stars in Advent. The whole thing is easier than it sounds, as you can see from the crafting tip.

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Build big stars from vine

Who says stars have to be small? It is also possible to make big stars for Christmas, for example from a sturdy strip of rebar wood.

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