Craft ideas for long-distance travel

Craft ideas for long-distance travel: ideas

Sometimes it takes forever for the longed-for vacation to come - and then it's way too fast. Especially with long-distance travel, the impressions are so overwhelming that you can hardly take them.

With thematically appropriate handicrafts you wake up the desire to travel to foreign countries and processed beautiful holiday memories to interesting souvenirs.

Here you will find a collection of links to suitable craft ideas for long-distance travel. Let's go to the explorer tour.

We hope you enjoy browsing!

Other great ideas around the topic of crafts on the beach and during the holidays, there are also on the following theme pages:

  • Tinker with shells, sand and stones
  • Making sea animals - fish, crabs, dolphins and more
  • Tinker in the summer
  • Making wind chimes, windmills and windmills
  • Make paper planes

Palm trees

South Sea feeling to send - free templates

Kid's Totem Poles

Make totem out of shipping rolls and paper masks.
at Bloesem Kids

Pilgrim Puppets: Boy & Girl

Pilgrim figurine from Toilet Rolls Boy & Girl (& Indians)
at Familiy Crafts

Indians Birthday

Ideas for a theme party with an Indian theme.
at 1119

Oriental lantern

Tinker oriental lantern with metal foil. Hole pattern with knitting needles - edge with pinking scissors.
at Homestory RP-Online

Tiki bar for the garden

Step-by-step guide with pictures for a Hawaiian exterior bar in tiki look.
at DIY network

Decoration on the wedding eve

Suggestions and ideas for a wedding reception decoration in the Mexican style

Quilling Palm

Instructions for a palm rolled out quilling paper strips. Own yourself as a holiday greeting or holiday voucher.
at Honey's Quilling

Tinker Indian Lantern

made of cardboard, wool, pearls and corrugated cardboard.

Schaumkuss Indians

Crafting instructions for decorating chocolate kisses with Indian feather ornaments for an Indian theme party. Free print template for download.
at Handmade Kultur

Picture frame "South Sea Dream"

decorated with sand and shells
at Creadoo

Aloha girls

a little greeting from Hawaii. Figure from clay pots.
at Creadoo

drawer box

Decorate with animal motifs in napkin technique. A crafting guide
at expli

Decorative box

Decorative box made of a shoebox with safari motives in napkin technique verziehren.
at Expli

Indian with tent

Very simple paper with an Indian with horse and tent tinker yourself. - Faltanleitungen for Indians, tent and horses

Tent place cards

This is how to make a teddy bear invitation for the birthday party
at Kidsweb

Indian drum

from a tin can
at Kidsweb

Invitation with elephant

Tinker invitation card with elephants for jungle safari birthday party - crafting instructions with templates as a PDF template
at children's games World

Pirate Island [PDF]

with a pirate on it As PDF file for download

Genie [PDF]

Magic being that comes out of a bottle

Primeval Forest [PDF]

Motif with Tiger, Monkey & Co

Cowboy [PDF]

and Indians

Oriental shoes

Simple instructions for oriental leather shoes to match the garb
at Mittgard


Instructions with sketches for sewing moccasins
at nebraskahistory

Wooden bowl with Asia motif

Napkin technique with Asian motives on a wooden bowl
at Pelikan-Hobbywelt

Memo board safari with wooden clips

Make a nice memo board from a wooden picture frame with foam rubber plate and ironing paper.
at Pelikan-Hobbywelt

African Drum African Piano [PDF]

Two building instructions in a PDF file for download
at root Net

Coloriage masque femme

Oriental mask for women to print and colorize.
at Tete a Modeler

Stone paintings with noble materials [PDF]

Collages with marble and pebbles Rocks - Images in the Asia style
at UHUSprache: German

Our holiday island [PDF]

with palm trees, figures, shark fin made of corrugated board, construction paper, colors
at UHUSprache: German

Make Travel Glasses [PDF]

Make funny travel goggles for the holidays - Easy PDF guide for kids
at UHUSprache: German

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