Craftsman prices for interior plaster

How high the interior plaster price is, depends not only on the respective structural conditions, but also on the quality of the desired equipment and the respective craft business. Interior plaster can be made by the bricklayer, as well as by the plasterer or the painter - in different conditions.

Determine the extent of the work

In new buildings, the flush must first be applied. A lime-cement plaster or a gypsum-cement render on brick walls costs between 11 and 20 euros per square meter for most craft businesses, depending on the nature of the substrate. It uses only self-made plaster, which is mixed with water, often comes here a plastering machine used for the craftsman that is then machine plaster. In certain circumstances, plaster can also be applied by spraying, the prices then deviate accordingly. For the finishing coat other prices apply.

Surface plaster with existing flush

If the flush is available, only a top coat is applied, which is usually much thinner. As a rule, the plaster thickness here is only a few millimeters, in structured plaster it generally corresponds to the grain size. Craft businesses charge about 7 to 12 euros net per square meter, whereby additional work such as masking, wall renovation and plaster moldings or edge protectors are often extra calculated according to material and working hours. This work is usually done most cheaply by painters, but there are also some deviations, which mainly depend on the number of people employed. For a special plaster, such as pure lime plaster, loam plaster, cotton plaster or Tadelakt apply deviating usually own prices, the most expensive is Tadelakt, because it causes the highest workload.

Finishing plaster while making your own

Anyone who masters classic plastering can rely on cheap cement plaster, which must be mixed with water - this saves a lot of money compared to finished plaster, 25 kg of plaster for around 35 square meters cost about 20 euros in the hardware store, the 20 kg container of simple ready-made plaster for a little less Surface is around 35 euros. Lime plasters cost about three times, clay plasters as finished plaster usually twice.

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