Crafting templates and craft arches

Crafting templates and craft arches: crafting

Crafting templates and craft sheets for children

Ifpublic holidays, firm or changingSeasons: During a year, there are many opportunities and opportunities to tinker with children. On the one hand, this trains the motor skills of the children, who achieve amazing results with glue, scissors and other aids. On the other hand, the crafting promotes thecreativity and thefantasy the little one. These are important elements in the development of children. Therefore you should always take time for crafts.

When crafting with children crafting templates and craft artefacts are welcome aids, because not always you immediately have the right creative ideas at hand. Crafting templates are usually easy to modify and therefore often starting point for other craft ideas and craft projects. Let ours beBastelanleitungen to inspire.

Here we have compiled craft templates that are particularly suitable for crafting with children. The templates start with menu and folding cards and end at crafting opportunities on the beach and outdoors. Especially popular are the crafts ofboxes, paper planes andflowers, But also tinkering withchestnuts andautumn leaves is very popular with children.

Crafting templates and craft arches: craft

Tinker folding cards

Folded cards are gladly given away and sent for every occasion. With the large supply of purchase cards, the question arises, why even make it yourself. First of all, making crafts is fun and an individually designed greeting card is a much more personal gift than a purchased card. Tinker folding cards

Tinker and decorate boxes

If you want to make someone happy, give him or her a gift. Of course, one is especially happy about the gesture, but also a decorative packaging can delight. Here you will find the right ideas for self-made gift boxes and boxes made of paper, cardboard or wood.
Tinker and decorate boxes

[img uuid = "cc6b8eff-0946-47db-ab96-454d985d5834"]

Make paper planes

Aircraft fascinate young and old. Therefore, it is not surprising that paper planes have been made for generations. All you need is a sheet of paper and a good guide. We have collected a collection of crafting instructions.
Make paper planes

[img uuid = "ad6813a5-89b4-4995-af75-3c2c670cecb2" alt = "]

Crafting with PET bottles

As a rule, PET bottles are recycled. However, you can also make great craft items from empty PET bottles. From wind turbines to beautiful flowers, everyone can let their creativity run free. Here are links to free PET crafting templates on the internet Tinkering with PET bottles

[img uuid = "5e1e3aba-7cb1-401d-afe7-e55be5a02d78"]

Make flowers

Whether a special holiday, a big party or simple everyday life, flowers fit on almost all occasions and beautify every room. If you want to enjoy it for a long time, you can also make flowers yourself. Here you will learn how to make flowers from paper and other materials.
Make flowers

[img uuid = "522858de-1c90-4a50-a5a9-40e8a30d9074" alt = "]

Light bags, lanterns and paper lanterns

When the sun goes down, the lights go on everywhere. The atmosphere becomes especially atmospheric when you put up light bags, lanterns or paper lanterns. Because the candle light immerses everything in a pleasant, warm light. We have put together craft manuals for you.
Light bag, lanterns, paper lanterns

[img uuid = "b74b12b4-bd45-47a2-8916-4395d428ad5f"]

Handicrafts with paper mache

Made of papier-mâché you can make great animals, figures and many other things. Not only children have a lot of fun with this funny and imaginative crafting technique. We have compiled the best crafting manuals around the subject of papier-mache that can be found on the internet. Handicrafts with paper mache

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Fall Crafts

In autumn, nature gives us many expressive materials for crafting. Especially children can be enthusiastic about crafting with leaves, chestnuts and pine cones and thus be extremely busy on a rainy autumn day.
Handicrafts with chestnuts, autumn leaves, pine cones

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Paper cut templates

The paper cutting was already a very popular art form in the Goethe era, and even today both professionals and children enjoy the filigree, playful pictures. Here are templates that can help you to a successful work of art. Paper cut templates

[img uuid = "70e8cb32-9224-4071-84b4-27719cf09c13" alt = "]

Tinker mobile

Mobiles are a popular decoration for children's rooms, especially on cots they delight the little ones with their colorful, moving elements. Here you will find a collection of links with instructions and tips on how to make a mobile to your own ideas. Tinker mobile

[img uuid = "645f7013-f253-421f-8684-989f3aec1dd5"]

Paper model with craft arches

From paper can be great things tinker. It is particularly easy with cutting sheets and craft sheets for paper model making. This makes it possible to make even complicated spaceships or impressive architectures. We have put together a collection of links to interesting templates. Paper model with craft arches

[img uuid = "5d78a64b-cd27-4b12-9609-553de2ee4f05" alt = "]

Tinker with paper, scissors and glue

With paper, scissors and glue you can make great crafts - from window picture over mobile up to the lantern. With the right ideas and instructions, this is very easy. We have a few links to vivid, creative crafting instructions for you. Tinker with paper, scissors and glue

[img uuid = "3dc794cc-dadd-4346-8efc-e0fda4e4acbe"]

Tinker with cloth, washcloth and towel

Those looking for soft crafting materials may be interested in crafting cloth, washcloths and towels. This can be cuddly toys, Schnuffeltücher and much more produce. The imagination knows no bounds. Tinker with cloth, washcloth and towel

Handicraft instructions for different materials

If you are looking for crafting instructions for other materials - beyond paper, cloth, washcloths and towels - you will find on this topic page a collection of links to creative ideas and templates that leaves almost nothing to be desired.

cork angels

Crafting instructions for decorative little angels made of cork with satin ribbon wings as a pendant for the Christmas tree or for gifts.
at Buttinette Blog

Coffee picture frame

So you make a picture frame from an old coffee can

Coffee can as a picture frame

from coffee tin with window with napkins and embossing foil
at Bastelelfe

Raven from champagne corks

with yellow construction paper and three small black feathers
at Bastelideen

Witch from wine corks

from cotton ball, wobbly feathers and wooden beads
at Bastelideen

Build a design lamp yourself

made of special lamp foil
at Expli

Racing car with driver

How to make a racing car with a cork driver
at Manton Cork

Windlight with napkin technique

Triangular lantern made of lamp foil Illustrated instructions for crafting
at Pelikan Hobbywelt

Tile "Virgo"

Zodiac sign on white tile with metallic paint and clear coat
at Pelikan-Hobbywelt

Cactus lamp made of paper mache

with oblong balloon, placard colors and fairy lights
at Pelikan-Hobbywelt

Memo board safari with wooden clips

Make a nice memo board from a wooden picture frame with foam rubber plate and ironing paper.
at Pelikan-Hobbywelt

butterfly lamp

Build butterfly lamp with lamp foil, fiber fleece, paper cord, wire and fairy lights
at Pelikan-Hobbywelt

Small raft

made of 16 bonded corks and painted fabric sails
at Environment Bremen

Three wise men from the East

The Holy Three King made of corks - With material list and illustrated instructions


make a shamrock yourself
with wonderful-grandchild

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