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Most children love to get out and about and use different materials to create small works of art. The common crafting with the family can also be very instructive while promoting fine motor skills. Even with more complicated work that parents make for their children, they can make small tinkering themselves and enjoy the end result.

Crafting fun for the whole family
Especially in rainy weather, tinkering with the children is a nice alternative pastime. On many occasions and public holidays, you will find a variety of crafting instructions, such as Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween or Christmas. In addition, we also have ideas for a successful children's birthday party and themes that you can tinker throughout the year. Have fun trying our craft instructions.

By the way, we also have great coloring pages for adults.

Make a box - fold and glue
Making a box is not difficult and a nice alternative for gift wrapping or small storage. Furthermore, it is a nice idea to tinker with children on a rainy day. Click here for the instructions:

Make a box

Make stamp yourself
When crafting stamps are extremely useful. How to make stamps yourself, what and with what, you will learn in this guide. Notes on which stamps you can make with children as well as which stamps are suitable for the wedding.

Make stamp yourself

Make dough yourself
Making colorful clay yourself is very easy. Most of the things you need to have in stock at home. Tinker with children and kneading promotes their motor development, so ran to the dough hooks. Ruck is the homemade dough finished and cheap it is still.

Make dough yourself

Build a macrame swing yourself
Rocking calms and relaxes. A few ropes, two rings and two pieces of squared timber, that's all you need. A particularly suitable project to tinker with children. After all, it's the little acrobats who are likely to enjoy most of the new gaming machine.

Build a macrame swing yourself

Make food for the game kitchen itself
Why buy plastic accessories, if you can make different food for the play kitchen from felt and fabric. From fried eggs with bacon and sausages over broccoli and pasta to fruit, biscuits, teabags and elaborate pies: all this can be sewn with our instructions.

Sewing food for children's kitchen

Build electric boat and solar boat yourself
From packaging and simple electronic components, children from the age of 8 can build their own solar boats and electric boats themselves. These three building instructions explain step by step how to make a solar catamaran, a boat from a can and a propeller boat.

Build electric boat and solar boat yourself

Back to school
No one forgets the first day of school - certainly not when you have received such great things as a home-made school bag or a homemade slate.

Back to school and first day of school - all for school enrollment

Tinker school bag - sugar bag to the beginning of school
Children do not just look forward to finding new friends on their first day of school, but also on a sugar bag or school bag with all sorts of school supplies and sweets. A great start to school life!

Tinker school bag - sugar bag to the beginning of school

Stunt kite-building instructions
Anyone who wants to fly artifacts in the sky with his kite is well advised with a stunt kite. With this manual, do-it-yourselfers build their own stunt kite without the need for sewing skills.

Stunt kite-building instructions

Make kites
While kite flying, the children proudly present their homemade kites in the sky. With these three instructions adults and children make a classic eddy and a hexagonal kite. For the younger ones, there is a small, round children's kite made of colorful gift wrap.

Make kites

Building box kites
A box kite consists of two or more boxes and is raised in stronger winds. If you want to build this challenging kite yourself, learn in this construction manual, how to do it.

Building box kites

Crafting instructions for autumn and paper kites
Kite making fascinates children and adults alike. If you can not go outside in rainy weather, the crafting of autumn kites made of paper, bast or window color is a nice change. Here are instructions for decorative autumn kites and Chinese paper kites.

Crafting instructions for paper kites and autumn kites

Making chestnut males
With chestnuts and matches you can make funny animals and males. From snakes to sheep, hedgehogs and pigs to snails, ants and a male with a hat: Here you will find simple crafting instructions for chestnut animals.

Tinker animals and chestnut males

Make finger puppets
Children love puppetry. There are many different finger puppets that can be put on each finger and brought to life. We show you in a detailed instructions how to create with little effort magic finger puppets for a small, self-directed puppet theater at home.

Make finger puppets

Make figures out of papier-mâché
Pappmaschee is a classic resource for creative crafts with children. We explain how to make and work with the malleable mass of paper, water and paste. In addition, we show the handling of the laminating technique, in which individual pieces of paper are provided with glue and glued onto a mold.

Make figures out of papier-mâché

Shapes with children
Working in the house with your own children, caring for the garden, making Christmas decorations or redesigning the nursery - impossible? Not with the right approach and our home improvement tips.

Make artworks with the kids

Wooden letters
Colorful letters made of wood: Before children learn to form whole words from individual letters, it is the writing of the letters themselves. So you integrate the basic elements of written, interpersonal communication in the playful everyday life of children.

Learning with crafts and fun

Make a house for pirates
Jack Sparrow hid his treasures and the gold in a pirate hideout. And just such a hiding place can now be built for the nursery. Black, brown and white wooden planks - plus a lookout to keep an eye on the enemies.

Ahoy, pirates - on our hiding place

Design T-Shirts
Every kid is special and that's how it should dress. Individuality is a good thing on the path to growing up, and nothing supports the process of self-discovery more than an individual outfit. This can be easily and quickly designed by yourself.

Design Kids T-Shirts

Teepee decoration
Whether tepee or wigwam - almost every child would like to be an Indian and found their own tribe in their own nursery. It does not matter if the teepee is to be positioned in the garden or in the house: With a royal teepee decoration you can look after a princely residence.

Everything for the construction of a wigwam decoration

Make treasure chest
Ahoy, pirates! Whether for a children's birthday party, a theme party or a pirate party at carnival - a homemade treasure chest is always a real eye-catcher. With a bit of fun decorating and our instructions, you can make a treasure chest in no time.

Making treasure chest - with creativity and some time

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