Handicrafts with autumn leaves and leaves

Handicrafts with autumn leaves and leaves

Handicrafts with autumn leaves and leaves: autumn

In autumn, the deciduous trees shed their leaves to prepare for the cold winter. The leaves are discolored in the most beautiful colors: yellow, red, orange, brown. A great source for funny autumn crafts for your home.

With the autumn leaves you can decorate various objects, such as lanterns, lanterns or boxes. In addition, from the colorful leaves great autumn crowns and garlands can be made and thus beautify the home.

Matching crafting ideas and instructions can be found below on this topic page, so that theHandicrafts with autumn leaves and leaves also sure will succeed.

Have fun!

Autumn decoration is particularly beautiful at home, when the handicrafts from autumn leaves are supplemented with chestnuts, pine cones, acorns and more. Suggestions and instructions are available on the following topic pages:

  • Handicrafts with chestnuts: chestnut males and more
  • Tinker with pine cones
  • Tinker with acorns, nuts and more
  • Make autumn decoration yourself

Handicrafts with autumn leaves or leaves


tinker with leaves, bark, acorns and small branches
at LA Blog (Labbe)

Autumn leaves cuffs

as a flower pot of rabbit wire and leaves
at Gärtnerblog

Greeting cards for Thanksgiving

tinker with autumn leaves.
at billybear4kids.com

Making naughty animals out of chestnuts

Make dwarves and zoo animals from chestnuts, pressed oak leaves and construction paper
at familie.de

Make the autumn crown yourself

Harvest crown made of cardboard and pasted with colorful autumn leaves.
at grids-bastelecke.de

Table mat of leaves

Autumn table decoration made of autumn leaves, which can be wiped off with a self-adhesive film. Illustrated crafting instructions.
at hau-tu

Tinker with leaves

Various crafting ideas with autumn leaves: tablecloth, autumn picture and window decorations.
at oebv4kids.at

Making collage from autumn leaves

Press leaves for 3 days and glue different motifs
at Handicraft & Design

Handicrafts in autumn: leaves tealight

atmospheric tealight with maple leaf made of construction paper
at expertoSprache: German

Make a bat out of natural materials

Make bats out of beechnuts, walnuts, acorn hats and maple leaves
at familie.de

Decorating boxes with autumn leaves

Autumn deco boxes made of spandosen and autumn leaves
at Geolino

Make the leaf chain yourself

Thick brown colored, fragrant garland of many leaves
at Grids Bastelecke

Autumn theater - flickering theater

Stage made of construction paper and figures from leaves, sticks, chestnuts
at hoppsala

Autumn crown of colorful leaves

Make dried or fresh maple leaves as a crown. A great fun in the fall.
at hoppsala

Stick hedgehogs from autumn leaves

made of cardboard and dry leaves. A crafting instruction with template.
at Kid's web

Making uhu from grape leaves

Owl from autumn leaves and construction paper
at kidsweb.de

Deco for the autumn festival [PDF]

Celebrate an autumn kite festival with the mouse: simple craft instructions for decorations with autumn leaves and chestnuts, dragon-shaped place cards and chestnut animals.
at Klebeberater

crown of leaves

Leaf crown for the maple queen. Simply thread maple leaves into a crown.
at ZZZebra

Make chestnuts ships

Chestnut ships with sails from autumn leaves. Illustrated instructions and video.
for coloring page pictures

Autumn tree from leaves

pressed leaves, thin branches with cardboard, construction paper or burlap
with grandparents & grandchildren: German

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