Crafting with natural materials

Crafting with natural materials

Crafting with natural materials: natural

The tinkering with natural materials is great fun. It is also a low-cost employment for young and old, as leaves, nuts, moss, small branches, pine cones and chestnuts can be collected in nature. Especially in autumn, the forest floor is full of colorful foliage and fallen beechnuts.

With natural materials the imagination knows no bounds. Tinker little dwarves and gnomes, decorate your entire apartment or design with your children small animals and mythical creatures.

We have compiled some vivid craft instructions for the autumn and Christmas tinkering with natural materials. But some ideas can also be wonderfully implemented in spring or summer.

Decorating with natural materials

From wood, moss, leaves, chestnuts or pine cones you can make charming window, wall and table decorations. With natural materials you get the nature into the house.

Making gnomes, dwarfs and animals

What was that? Maybe a forest gnome or just an animal? The forest not only provides great craft material, but also stimulates the imagination of young and old: tinker gnomes, dwarves and animals from natural materials

Window pictures, wall decoration and table decoration from leaves

Autumn leaves cuffs

as a flower pot of rabbit wire and leaves
at Gärtnerblog

Table mat of leaves

Autumn table decoration made of autumn leaves, which can be wiped off with a self-adhesive film. Illustrated crafting instructions.
at hau-tu

Tinker lantern with autumn leaves

Framing a table lantern with leaves and parchment paper.

Autumnal stones

Using napkin technique bring autumnal motifs on collected stones. A cute autumn decoration.
at Bastelideen

Autumnal door wreath with leaves

oak or red maple tied together with wire.
at Bastelideen

Shimmering Autumn Leaf Craft

sprayed mosquito bordered with pluster paint
at Crafts for all seasons

Handicrafts in autumn: leaves tealight

atmospheric tealight with maple leaf made of construction paper
at expertoSprache: German

Make the leaf chain yourself

Thick brown colored, fragrant garland of many leaves
at Grids Bastelecke

Tree at the windowpane

Paint tree trunk and branches with finger paints Collect autumn leaves and stick them on
at Grids Bastelecke

Spiky coasters in the shape of a hedgehog

from colorful pressed autumn leaves as a spiked dress and construction paper
at hoppsala

Balls of lily leaves and field winds

Make balls out of leaves, grasses and other natural materials. A great toy or a pretty deco idea.
at kidsweb

Thanksgiving Fall Coasters

Autumn coasters with genuine inlaid leaves
at Making Friends

Autumnal table lanterns

Leaves in laminating paper and tissue paper with glitter
at media workshop

Autumn picture with autumn leaves

Glue small trees out of collected and dried autumn leaves.
at Praxis Jugendarbeot

Autumn tree from leaves

pressed leaves, thin branches with cardboard, construction paper or burlap
with grandparents & grandchildren: German

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