Tinker with shells, sand and stones

Tinker with shells, sand and stones: German

If you spend your holiday by the sea, you often collect shells, stones and other flotsam on the beach. You stroll around, look around here and there, because on the one hand you are looking for pure relaxation and on the other the perfect piece of memory.

If you have successfully transported the collected treasures home, the question inevitably arises of what you can do with it. For this problem, we have put together a collection of beautiful ideas for crafts with shells, sand and stones.

When crafting with stones, funny stone animals are created, while sanding makes great sandy pictures, and maritime table or window decorations are created from shells and driftwood.

Contents for crafting with shells, sand and stones

  • Crafting with shells
  • Crafts with stones and driftwood
  • Picture frame from Reisemitbringseln (video tutorial)
  • Tinkering with sand

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Crafting with shells

seashell wreaths

Make summery shell wreaths with a polystyrene wreath and different shells
at buttinette

Make earrings from shells

From earrings, shells and thread with the help of scissors and a fine drill tinker chic earrings.
at kikisweb.de

Shell Zentangle [PDF]

A beautiful coloring page with a Zentangle® in shell form for coloring or self-inking.
at Kunstloft.de

Stretcher with inchies

Seashells and flotsam on natural paper
at Bastelideen

Maritime tealight glass

Tiled tealight with macrame cord and shells.
at bastelidee

Decorative wreath

designed with shells and starfish
at Bastelinfo

seashell frame

for the most beautiful holiday pictures
at tasteln-gestalten

Mosaic picture frame

Make picture frame with shells and mosaic stones - Illustrated instructions
at expli.de

Decorate wooden frame

with shells, snail shells, starfish and sand
at Grids Bastelecke

Mobile from shells

Mobilee spreading the beach feeling
at hobby-webtipps.net

Picture frame with treasure chest

and plywood figures for sawing and sticking
at Kid's Action

Windlight with shells

Cover small glass bowls with bast and shells
at Kid's Action

shellfish stew

tinkering for flowers. A great garden decoration
at Kidsweb

Mussel Monster Octopus

Crafting idea for the holiday
at kidsweb

Funny birds

make from mussels
at kidsweb

Practical pen box

from toilet paper rolls and mussels tinker
at kidsweb

Simple chain

from shells and pearls
at Labbé

Shell Bracelet

Instructions for an individual clam bracelet.
with Lisa Freundeskreis

Old cup

in a maritime look
at ÖkoleoSprache: German

Crafts with stones and driftwood

Nail Driftwood Heart

Wool heart set on nails on a driftwood board.
at Dream Pepper Blogspot

Paperweights, picture holders and stone animals

Craft ideas of pebbles, z. As paperweights, stone figures, picture holders, stone animals and chains of small pebbles
at liliput-lounge

stone Animals

Penguin, frog, duck and ladybug
at Fips' Bastelseiten

Make ladybug yourself

paint oval stone with acrylic paints colorful at craft ideas
at Bastelideen

Wildcard stones

Name stones as original place cards for the children's birthday
at Kidsweb

Stones for the bed

Paint field stones with acrylic paint, fix with spray
at kidsweb

Little mice

craft from stones
in children's games world

Mosaic Gecko

made of a stone, plaster and mosaic stones. An instruction.
at Creadoo

Picture frame from Reisemitbringseln (video tutorial)

Tinkering with sand

Tinker sand picture

with glue, brush and paint. Instructions with pictures; suitable for children.
at basteln-gestalten.de

Colorful pictures

with sand and self-adhesive paper
at craft you blue

Stuffed glasses with colorful sand

Great crafting game for children's birthday parties: glasses with sand figures and patterns and make yourself
at Experto

sand pictures

with shells and starfish
at Grids Bastelecke

Decorate wooden frame

with shells, snail shells, starfish and sand
at Grids Bastelecke

Picture frame with treasure chest

and plywood figures for sawing and sticking
at Kid's Action

sandy clay

do it Yourself
at Labbé

greeting cards

decorated with sand
at Praxis Jugendarbeit

sand pictures

create with templates
at Praxis Jugendarbeit

Photo credit
1. "Fun with Shells" by San José Library (flickr) License: [CC BY-SA 2.0]

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