Tinker with leaves

Bastelanleitungen with autumn leaves

Tinker with leaves: leaves

The tinkering with leaves is a solid in the fall Part of art education in kindergartens and elementary schools, But even at home, parents can swing scissors and glue with their little ones.

With our simple illustrated crafting manuals even the Creativity of the very small promoted become.

Anyone who has ever started making leaves will always be more ideas for new motives tap. There will be only one Scissors, craft glue, felt-tip pens and craft bows needed.

Before crafts: leaves dry

Before autumn leaves to Crafting can be used, you have to dry them, For that, they can just spend a few days in an old, heavy book laid become. The book pages slowly withdraw the Last moisture from the leaves and press the crafting material together.

Crafting with leaves via spray technique

Tinker with leaves: Tinker

spray technology

This type of crafting with leaves will be one large autumn leaf on a Din A4 sheet placed. Then you can with a syringe and a toothbrush water color over the sheet squirt.

Of course, too several leaves of different colors positioned on a leaf become. A really great technique that will make the little ones especially enjoyable.

Making a leaves wreath

Tinker with leaves: autumn

A leaves wreath

Even the very small ones can do that.

From leaves one Tinker wreath also does not need much material, Some cardboard from which the circle is cut and a little craft glue.

On the cardboard circle are depending on The fall leaves glued on, After a short drying time the masterpiece is already finished. A great idea in which even the little ones can help crafting with leaves.

Tinker leaf male

Tinker with leaves: Tinker

A male

Of course, it does not always have to be a man or a woman. It can also animals from the leaves be tinkered.

A suitable autumn leaf forms the trunk of the male. Very simple Tinker with leaves, as the rest of the figure with a felt-tip pen can be painted.

So only one sheet has to be stuck on a Din-A4-sheet and the Children can enjoy their painting let free rein.

The tree book: crafts and learning

Tinker with leaves: Tinker

The tree book: crafts and learning

In the first step is only one long walk in the woods on. It will be as possible collected many different leaves - even fruits and flowers can be taken.

The dried autumn leaves can now be glued on Din-A4 sheets. Best one sheet per page. Then the Names of the respective trees written to it What fruits the tree bears, when it flowers and what ever so simplistic.

Here is less the tinkering with leaves in the foreground than the common getting to know the nature.

More ideas for crafting with leaves

  • Trace leaves: Place the desired autumn leaves under a Din A4 sheet and paint on top with colored pencils or crayons. Looks really great.
  • A tree full of leaves: To do this, you draw the stem of a tree on a larger sheet of paper, paint different leaves with colored finger paint and press them onto the bow. This creates a beautiful autumn tree.
  • Tinker Dinosaurs: Continuously serrated autumn leaves can be collected to make a fearsome dinosaur.
  • Autumn Star: Six ice stalks are glued together at the tips to form a star. On it now small leaves in a variety of colors can be attached. This creates a beautiful autumn star.
  • Make faces: Dot, dot, comma, dash - the moon face is ready. For autumn crafting, the pencil is replaced by small sheets and glue. Contours of the face can of course be painted if no suitable autumn leaves are found.
  • A crown for the queen: First, the child's head circumference must be measured and transferred to an approximately five centimeters wide craft sheet. You can staple or glue this into a circle. Now large, beautiful autumn leaves are pasted on the outside.
  • Hedgehog: From brown construction paper a sweet hedgehog is cut out, whose spines are glued from small, pointed leaves.
  • Tinker mobile: Several pages of dried leaves are placed on one side of sandwich paper. All this is now pasted thick with wallpaper paste and then glued on another side sandwich paper. Smooth and let everything dry. Finally, a small hole in it, fasten a thread and finished the mobile for the window.

Photo Credits

Leaves: © Bettina Stolze / pixelio.de

Craft Sketches: © Handyman

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