Handicrafts with seniors

Craft ideas for the elderly and seniors

Handicrafts with seniors: German

Tinkering with seniors has a long tradition. Also in the care of dementia workers handicraft work has been used for a long time as an activation and employment opportunity.

Working in groups in particular is very important for older people because it gives decisive impulses for their own self-confidence and group dynamics. But also the common tinkering with children brings a lot of friends and is an enrichment for young and old.

We have put together a selection of links to crafting manuals for senior citizens that are tailored to the needs of older people and fit their scope for action.

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Tinker paper bouquet

For Mother's Day, make a bouquet of tissue paper, pipe cleaners and pearls yourself - detailed instructions for crafting with photos.
at Activity village

Rose made of tissue paper

It's so easy to make a rose out of napkins or tissue paper and pipe cleaners as a Mother's Day gift.
at Activity Village

Make paper flower

Craft flowers from three trapezoids and some wire - simple step-by-step folding instructions.
at basteln-gestalten.de

Roses of paper

Craft roses from construction paper and flower wire with four leaves.
at basteln-gestalten.de

Simple school bag

A vivid video tutorial for a simple school bag made of cardboard and crepe paper.
at YouTube

School bag with paper napkin collar

Video tutorial for a sweet candy bag with checkered paper napkin collar.
at YouTube

Tasty gift bag

So you make a paper gift bag and decorate it with colorful blots
with sociology from Hamburg

Tinker door signs

Door sign made of different materials, such as foam rubber, corrugated cardboard and construction paper.
with sociology from Hamburg

Egg Carton Chicken

Chicken made from parts of an egg carton, foam rubber and construction paper
at Mal-alt-werden

Egg Carton Hare

Rabbit made from parts of an egg carton and construction paper
at Mal-alt-werden


made from a napkin
at Mal-alt-werden

Kranz blank

from toilet paper, glue and wire
at Mal-alt-werden

Christmas crafting ideas

Crafting instructions for stars made of paper or polystyrene for Advent wreaths, arrangements, lanterns, window pictures or as tree ornaments
at Active Renter

star Mobile

for Christmas mood
at aktivierungen.de

Crafting ideas for seniors

Various crafting ideas: clay pots, cork print, scented eggs and lanterns
at AskluboSprache: German

Autumnal stones

Using napkin technique bring autumnal motifs on collected stones. A cute autumn decoration.
at Bastelideen

Simple ladybug

made of cardboard and crumpled red and black tissue paper
at Bastelideen

Colorful fish: window picture

with template for printing made of colorful tissue paper
at Bastelideen

Fix chickens

Simple folding instructions for origami chickens.
at Bastelparadies

Rose for the May heart

Folding instructions for a red rose from a napkin.
at the Bastelparadies

Fast butterfly

Made of corrugated cardboard and paper illustrated instructions
at Bastelratgeber

Simple folding star

Folding guide for simple stars: fold, fold and unfold
in blind cow

Snow Star

Simple crafting instructions for snow stars and ice crystals made of paper or crafting foil
in blind cow

Garland of Easter Bunny

Simple and fast paper cut garland with Easter bunny for coloring. Simply fold the paper several times, record bunnies and cut out.
at CPG Advertising

Flower Craft - Free Craft for kids

Homemade flower decorated with sequins and glitter.
at Craft Scope

Poinsettia from drawing paper

Simple folding instructions for a poinsettia made of paper. Just fold and cut in a pattern.
at creativ-kramdose.de

Handprint Lilies Craft

From the impression of the hand you can make flowers from construction paper.
at EnchantedLearning.com

Handprint, Photo Blossom Craft

Flower made of construction paper with photo and handprint of the child.
at EnchantedLearning.com

Heart-Shaped Chocolate holder

Make a small paper heart bag for chocolate or other small things.
at Instructables

Butterfly and caterpillar

Butterflies and caterpillar for the window - window picture from colored construction paper
at Kidsweb

funny wackel lion

made of cardboard and wool or dried moss
at kidsweb

napkins flower

fold large blooms from a napkin in layers. Simple craft project - suitable for toddlers and seniors
at Kiki's web

Octopus with tentacles

made of colored paper with drawing accordion tentacles
at Praxis Jugendarbeit


Make a simple sheep of paper and wool and paint with crayon.
at Praxis-Jugendarbeit

Envelope bag made of felt crafts

Chic bag made of orange felt; demanding crafting

Christmas lantern

Windlight make with glasses, hot glue and various Christmas spices
at games-Kinderpiele

Stars made of paper

Folding instructions for simple poinsettias made of paper
at tatting.de


with cottage. A crafting guide
with wonderful-grandchild

Photo credit
1. "Tinkering with seniors" by Muffet (flickr) License: [CC BY 2.0]

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