Crane - so you can learn it

He is considered the "men's toy" par excellence: the construction crane. What conditions are needed to learn to drive a crane, and what training as a crane operator is necessary, we explain once in detail in our contribution.

Who is allowed to do the crane driver's license?

Basically, it is admitted to training who

  • at least 19 years old
  • physically and mentally fit for the job
  • who can do the tasks with sufficient reliability

This is at least the legal requirements. As a rule, the occupational health G25 examination (driving, control and monitoring activities) is used for physical fitness.

A little understanding of technical relationships and some basics of physics should also be brought along as a crane leader candidate.

crane ID

A "real" crane driver's license - in the sense of a car or truck driver's license - does not exist. It is replaced by the - not official - crane card, which is sufficient as a certificate of competence.

Anyone who has to maneuver a crane exceptionally in the area of ​​the road need not have their own driving license - the crane is a construction machine with a design-related maximum speed of (far) below 20 km / h and no driving license is required.

duration of training

The training lasts - as with many other construction machines - between 1 day and 20 days, depending on the type of crane you purchase your crane pass. The following table shows the recommended training period for individual crane types:

crane styleduration of training
Semi-powered cranes1 day
corridor-controlled cranes15 days
cab-driven cranes5 - 10 days
Tower cranes10 - 15 days
Mobile cranes15 - 20 days

The training takes place in each case theoretically and practically and very often in-house. Each crane pass is valid only for the corresponding type of crane - if another crane is used, a new, corresponding certificate of competence must be obtained again.

After completing the training, a theoretical and practical exam will be given. In the test for tower crane operators, members of the professional associations are also involved in the test.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the certificate of competence, the employer always has to submit a written order for crane handling. It must contain the name of the (qualifying) employee and a precise order description. As a rule, the tasks assigned should always be based on the duration of the employee's practical experience.

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