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A few decades ago, the Christmas story took shape in many families: in the form of the crib, which had its place next to the Christmas tree - with the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, an ox and a donkey, shepherds with their sheep, who later had to give way to the Kasper, the Balthasar and the Melchior, along with their pack animals and gifts. The plastic representation of the Christmas story fascents children every year again. And that will not be different with your offspring. Reason enough, then, to revive the old custom.

As an accomplished handyman you also know it yourself: good planning saves mistakes and hassles when building a workpiece. It goes without saying that this also applies to crib construction. Nothing would be more annoying than to note after completion that Maria and Josef bump their heads against the stable ceiling. The reverse case is no less bad. If the proportions are not realistic, the whole presentation suffers.

Maybe you also have a few old crib figures in a box on the store. If not - especially in the Advent season not only shops, but also department stores and the Stands at the Christmas markets Crib figures in abundance. After you have found the right figures, it is time to start with the crib construction. Here you will find one free blueprint for a nativity scene in the oriental style, You can find further building instructions for the crib construction on our Christmas plan page. Further suggestions and instructions for your crib construction can be found in these books:

Handbook for crib construction: 50 motifs according to detailed plans

Hardback edition: 208 pages

publishing company: Crib Workshop Tyrol; Edition: 1st, edition (September 2005)

ISBN-10: 3200003952

Cribs for DIY: From alpine to oriental

Hardback edition: 128 pages

publishing company: Naughty; Edition: first edition (9 September 2009)

ISBN-10: 3772455190

New alpine cribs for DIY

Paperback - 64 pages - Naughty

author: Karl-Heinz Reicheneder

Publishing year: 2000

ISBN: 3772426670

content: Easy to build: Even built cribs are a small piece of art in every home and give any Christmas decoration the finishing touch. This book describes in simple steps five cribs and variants in alpine style. BOMs help with material procurement and assembly.

Build Christmas Cribs

150 pages - Tyrolia Publishing House

authors: Nenna by Merhart, Walter Spörr, Engelbert Pösch

Price: EUR 14,90

Publishing year: 1996

ISBN: 3702215808

content: Walter Spörr, the head of the nursery school in Innsbruck, gives detailed instructions for the construction of nativity scenes and crib landscapes.

The big crib book. Landscape, details, accessories

Hardcover - 128 pages - Callwey

authors: Jakob Gerner, Hans-Günter Röhrig

price: EUR 38,00

Release Date: 1996

ISBN: 3766712845

content: With easy-to-understand assembly instructions, detailed drawings (exact dimensions) and step-by-step photos. However, rather for the advanced hobbyist The style of the cribs ranges from the Franconian stable crib on the alpine corner manger to the oriental ruin crib.

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