Dispose of dishes - but where?

Over the years, most households accumulate a lot of dishes that we either do not like or that have already been decimated by one or the other break. Just when you have decided to dispose of the dishes, however, is not always a wedding eve in sight. Therefore, we show you how dishes are disposed of properly.

Porcelain or ceramics

The first thought with a load of old fragile dishes is of course always a hen party. But there are more good ways to dispose of the dishes. If you are dealing with smaller quantities of porcelain or ceramics, you can throw them into the dustbin without hesitation. In no case may the dishes have been thrown into the glass container, not even if it has been crushed.

Deliver large quantities of dishes

Of course, if you have accumulated many series of porcelain or ceramics over decades, the black ton is often not enough. Take a closer look at the dishes. Even if you no longer want it, it may be that someone else is happy about it. In most larger municipalities, there are social department stores or points of sale from Caritas or the Red Cross.

Damaged goods

If the dishes are more of a total loss, of course, you do not want to give it up anymore. Then you can bring larger quantities directly to the recycling center. As long as the crowd is still in an apparently private setting, there will usually be no cost.

The old damaged dishes have a lot of similarities with the usual building rubble. Therefore, it is shredded and disposed of at the recycling centers with exactly this building rubble. Maybe someday you will see your harness on a path that has been fixed with old rubble.

Overview of the disposal of dishes

  • wedding shower
  • Trashcan
  • Social department store / collection points
  • recycling center

Sell ​​instead of dispose

Not everything that is old or used must be worthless at the same time. For unusual series, you should take a look at the pages of eBay or similar portals. Often private individuals look for parts of a particular series that may not be produced anymore. Not only will you be able to sell a few pieces at a high price, but at the same time you will make someone happy.

Check mark

Before disposal, check the marks, which are often marked with certain signs or engravings under each part. Very inconspicuous porcelain series, which are considered unattractive today, can certainly have a high value. You should never just throw away the porcelain.

Tips & Tricks

Incidentally, even old drinking glasses must not be disposed of with the waste glass in the container. The glass of the bottles that belong there has a different composition and melting point than the glass of the tumblers. Therefore, the drinking glasses also belong more in the household waste or a social shop.

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