Build crossbars yourself - that is to be considered!

An additional door latch increases the security against burglary, because it makes it difficult to lever open a door. Corresponding kits are available from specialist dealers and can be assembled relatively easily - this saves costs. The crossbar for the front door is also called double bolt lock, because push two bars from the inside out, which secure the door leaf. Read here how to install the additional lock.

Requirements for the installation of a crossbar

If you want to install a crossbar yourself, then you first need a front door with a door leaf that is as flat as possible: cassette compartments and profiles on the surface interfere with assembly.

Your door leaf should be at least 3.5 cm thick and at most 5.0 cm thick to fit the base kit of the cross bar. If your door is thicker, it is best to ask about the appropriate extension parts and extended lock cylinders.

Most prefabricated crossbar locks are wide-variable, but with very wide doors, you may need to purchase a special length. Again, you should pay attention to the purchase of their kit.

How and where do you install a crossbar lock?

The crossbar is mounted on the inside of a door and lies over the entire width of the door. In the horizontal lock case there are two bolts, which extend at key turn and engage in the lock boxes left and right.

Use heavy-duty dowels to mount the lock boxes so that they can not be pulled out of the wall. Sometimes there is not enough space for such a device, then you can also ausstemmen a wall bag for locking.

The latch is ideally combined with the lock cylinder of the door so that both door locks can be operated simultaneously. They close the door - the bolts go out. They unlock the door - the bolts snap back.

Get practical special functions!

The new cross bar of your door can be a very simple model, but you are sure to enjoy some practical additional features. Look for the following items when buying:

  • Special anchor plates for house doors that open to the outside
  • or special lockers for outward opening doors
  • Turn knob cylinder for easy opening and closing of the front door from the inside
  • Locking bar for the closing side as a modern counterpart to the door chain
  • Spacer plates for relining the bolt for precise closing

Tips & Tricks

Find out about additional burglary protection at the local police department, where they will be happy to help.

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