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Purchase advice on the crowbar comparison or test 2018

  • A classic crowbar consists of two different ends: the slightly angled chisel head, which is intended to enlarge columns, and the arcuate angled claw foot, the u. a. can be used to pull nails.
  • In addition to the classic crowbar and a number of special forms of cow foot is considered the most common variant. He has a practical handle, but waives in return for the presence of a chisel head.
  • Most crowbars are already available for a price between 5 and 40 euros. Occasionally, the models can also be more expensive. In particular, crowbars made of titanium usually cost several hundred euros.

Crowbar Comparison 2018: 2018

Crowbars are known from movies and computer games, in which they are often staged as a sign of violence and crime. Even in real life, this reference can be easily made by that Crowbars are known to be a popular tool used by thieves in burglaries. In 2015 alone, there were 167,136 burglaries in Germany nationwide, in which the perpetrator was probably not the least likely to use crowbars.

Crowbar Comparison 2018: crowbar

Breaking the door with a crowbar: Burglars use crowbars mainly to invade homes and apartments.

What hardly anyone knows Crowbars are among the oldest tools in the worldwith which probably stone and Bronze Age cultures have carried out lifting and demolition work. Even today, the crowbar plays a role outside of criminal and violent environments wherever objects have to be moved or doors have to be opened.

So if you want to go looking for your personal crowbar test winner, you will find it in our 2018 crowbar comparison. We scoured the jungle of different brands and manufacturers and got together with the best crowbar apart. In our purchase advice, you will learn what different types of crowbars there are and what you should consider when buying a good crowbar.

1. Construction, mode of operation and field of application of crowbars

Archimedes leverage laws

Archimedes is considered the founder of the leverage laws with which he laid the foundation for the development of mechanics. Since the principle of the function of crowbars based on these laws and built early monumental buildings already early high cultures, it is believed that crowbars are among those tools that were used several millennia ago by humans.

The classic crowbar, also called crowbar, nail iron or lever iron, is a simple constructed hand tool with which objects and doors pry open or can break. In principle, it simply consists of a long metal rod, which is angled at both ends and shaped differently. The two different ends of the crowbar are called chisel head and claw foot.


The chisel head is characterized by being slightly angled and ending in a wide but flat shape reminiscent of a chisel. This page can be used to enlarge a gap between two objects, for example, between the door and frame or two boards nailed together.

Crowbar Comparison 2018: crowbar

The removal of nails can be done easily with the so-called claw foot of the crowbar.


The claw foot, however, is stronger and angled in an arc. At the top, it flattens significantly and splits, leaving a notch in the middle. These is often used to pry or pull out nailswhich is possible without much effort thanks to the physical force created by leverage with crowbars. In addition to its function as a nail claw or nail puller, the claw foot, thanks to its flattened end, is also suitable for driving it into narrow gaps with the help of a hammer.

In addition to the inglorious and ugly fact that crowbars are often used at burglary, they are u. a. but also used to save lives. The use of crowbars at the fire brigade or the Technical Relief Agency mainly serves to liberate people from destroyed cars or burning apartmentsunless they have unrestricted access to them.

2. crowbar types at a glance

In a crowbar test or comparison, you'll probably come across different categories that crowbars can be divided into. Although our purchase advice is primarily about the classic crowbar with claw foot and chisel head, we would like to briefly introduce you to a few other types:


Crowbar Comparison 2018: crowbar

  • Unlike the classic crowbar, the cow's foot has only one claw foot. The other side is not equipped with a chisel head, but with a handle.
  • The name cow foot comes from the fact that the nail claw reminds of the split hoof ends of cattle. Sometimes the term Geißfuss is common.
  • Frequently, the Kuhfuß crowbar has smaller dimensions, making it especially used as a special tool for pulling nails.
Halligan tool

Crowbar Comparison 2018: crowbar

  • The Halligan tool is a special form, which is mainly used in the fire department.
  • In addition to the claw foot on one side, the Halligan tool on the other side has a flattened blade (similar to the chisel head) and a mandrel that protrude at right angles from the pole.
  • The mandrel can be used to punch holes in building materials and materials, etc., to free people after an accident, for example, from an accident vehicle.
precision iron

Crowbar Comparison 2018: crowbar

  • The precision iron is also a special type of crowbar, which is characterized by the fact that the chisel head is at a 90-degree angle to the splitting head (a classic claw foot does not exist here).
  • He has a notch that can be used to pull out nails and here takes over the function of the non-existing claw foot.
  • Precision irons usually have very compact dimensions, but are nevertheless very robust due to very stable materials (often steel or stainless steel).

Crowbar Comparison 2018: 2018

  • A prybar is a kind of mini-crowbar, which, due to its very small dimensions, is ideally suited for carrying it all the time.
  • Unlike classic crowbars, a Prybar is much lighter.
  • Particularly often these crowbars are used in the military, where they like to be covered with parachute sheaths, so they can be better hung on the rest of the equipment (eg coupling support system).

Which pros and cons have cow feet compared to classic crowbars, you will find in the following overview:

  • Handle for the hands, which allows a pleasant work
  • usually lighter and much easier to handle
  • specializing in the removal of nails
  • Enlarge narrow columns rather difficult

3. Purchase criteria for crowbars: You have to pay attention!

Those who deal with a crowbar test or comparison, should be particularly attentive when it comes to the purchase criteria of hoisting and crowbar. Only those who deal with it in detail, will ultimately be able to decide on the best crowbar.

3.1. Weight and length

Crowbar Comparison 2018: comparison

This crowbar is at two meters rather unusually long.

The length is an important factor for crowbars, because:The longer the crowbar, the easier it is to carry out heavy breaking operations, This can be explained in particular by means of the leverage laws, which - simplified - mean that a longer lever requires less effort for the same work. Common are models that are between 20 (mini crowbars) and 180 centimeters long.

Note: As the length increases, so does the weight of the crowbar - assuming the same material composition and diameter. While models between 50 and 100 centimeters often weigh about one to three kilograms, you can expect in twice as long copies in about twice the weight.

3.2. used material

Crowbar Comparison 2018: 2018

Most crowbars are made of high quality tool steel.

Even though iron was used as the main component in many tools in the invention of iron scrap, or at least since the beginning of the Iron Age in antiquity (hence possibly the name "crowbar"), industrial processing and finishing methods have long been used Advantages of further processing of iron into high quality tool steels recognized.

A steel crowbar, unlike iron, is less flexible and less susceptible to rust. If the crowbar is made of stainless steel, it is even considered to be particularly corrosion-resistant and largely rust-free. In addition, many tool steels have added a proportion of chromium, which additionally restricts the formation of rust and ensures a more brilliant appearance.

Tip: As extremely high quality crowbars can be considered titanium. Titanium has very high strength and corrosion resistance at a relatively low density (and weight). This combination is particularly useful for crowbars, however, these copies are not cheap crowbars, but premium products that usually cost several hundred euros.

3.3. profile

Crowbar Comparison 2018: which

Crowbar with oval profile.

The choice of the profile has no direct impact on functionality, but on the handling. Differences are usually lever iron with edge profile of those with oval or round profile. Especially cheap models are equipped with edges, which makes them less good to handle and secondly also much more flexible. On the other hand, nail poles with round or oval profile are a bit more stable and, thanks to the ergonomic shape of the hands, they are much more comfortable to handle.

In addition, there are manufacturers who Models with flat profiles launch. These differ from the o. G. Crowbars mainly by the fact that they are usually much smaller and due to their flat shape should only be used for less severe demolition and demolition.

Crowbar Comparison 2018: crowbar

4. Questions and answers about crowbars

4.1. How much does a crowbar cost?

Crowbar Comparison 2018: comparison

A crowbar can also be used to remove rotten wood.

If you want to buy a crowbar you should use depending on the model, length and material Cost between 5 and 40 euros expected. However, there are also more expensive models, for which you can spend up to 100 euros. Particularly expensive are crowbars made of titaniumwhich are not rare for several hundred euros to have. Although titanium has ideal properties when it comes to corrosion resistance and stability, models made of high-quality tool steel are generally sufficient for both amateur and professional use.

4.2. Is a crowbar a dangerous tool?

Generally are Crowbars classified as largely harmless, Unlike electric devices, where accidents involving dangerous electric shocks can occur, such risks are completely excluded with crowbars. The greatest danger is the slipping of the tool when attempting to break open, which could seriously injure a person standing nearby. To avoid this you should always wear gloves (avoid slipping with your hands) and make sure that nobody is in your immediate vicinity.

Interesting: According to §244 StGB (Criminal Code) it plays in the case of theft a crucial role, which are carried for items by the burglar. If the offender commits a theft without a weapon, he may be sentenced to imprisonment up to five years or be fined. On the other hand, anyone who carries a weapon or a "similarly dangerous tool" can theoretically become a prisoner of imprisonment from up to ten years to be judged. What is ultimately defined as a "dangerous tool" is not always clear. Although classical theft tools such as crowbars, pliers and screwdrivers often lead to controversial discussions, it has not yet been universally established whether these are "dangerous tools" or not.

4.3. What does Stiftung Warentest say about crowbars?

The Stiftung Warentest has used chisels, drills and crowbars for the purpose of its door safety test, which was published in issue 08/2003. The aim was to check which door fuses are reliable and withstand the access attempts even with rabid and ingenious opening methods. Unfortunately, the foundation did not explain which crowbar was ultimately used in the test.

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