Attach trims and create attractive and decorative effects

Decorative moldings can significantly enhance a room and influence the living atmosphere, for example through stucco imitations and semi-high country house style. In addition to classic corner and baseboards window surrounds, wall breaks, living cassettes and surface profiles of all kinds are feasible. They are also used as panels for bulbs.

Blankets and stucco imitations

Moldings without functional function such as corner protection and baseboards are made of styrofoam in most cases. The low weight makes it easy to attach to the ceiling and on walls. The two most classic types of application are the attachment of corner strips at the transition from wall to ceiling and as a conclusion of half-high color or panel changes on the wall.

Cornices often have curved and semicircular profile cross sections. Step-shaped variants also imitate brick stucco and plaster. The corner strips can be supplemented by stucco ceiling elements, which are also made of styrofoam. The pre-cut shapes are available with borders and in different geometrical shapes.

Moldings on walls

Decorative trim strips on the wall create a variety of visual effects. Creative examples are:

  • Completion of a half-height wooden or cassette wall cladding
  • Transition between two wall areas painted in different colors
  • Narrow rectangles put together to mimic wall cassettes
  • Overhead high borders
  • Window, mirror and door edging

Materials and materials

In addition to the brushed and plasterable polystyrene strips, aluminum and wooden strips are a decorative alternative. Especially in reachable by persons heights such as at the base or at half height nailed strips are more resistant to accidental contact.

Effects with indirect light

Thanks to the LED technology, many lighting and lighting effects can be combined well with trim strips. Moldings can be fixed to the wall a few centimeters below the ceiling. LED luminaires mounted in the joint illuminate the ceiling surface indirectly from the side.

Moldings can be glued in geometric patterns to light sources and lamps. Shadow cast makes you look more conspicuous and dominant. Luminous chains and ribbons allow creative lighting solutions both horizontally on ceilings and vertically on walls.

Tips & Tricks

Most of the trim strips you can buy have cavities behind the visible front surfaces. You may need to insert cables before mounting, which will later provide supply connections for overhead lights, LEDs or spotlights.

Product Image: VanoVasaio / Shutterstock

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