Crystal glasses: determine the value

Crystal glasses can have a very high material value and may inspire a collector. But in return, there are also glasses that look almost identical and have no value at all. So how you can check the beautiful crystal glasses for the value, we show you here with some small facts.

Damage to the glasses

First, you should check if the glasses are completely undamaged. Small fragile places on the rank can reduce the value very considerably. You should also check the ground facets for damage. That's why you should not throw away the glasses yet. Very old precious glasses are still expensive to sell even with small damages. The glasses should also sound bell-clear if you knock on them with your knuckles.

Determine seams

If you check the glass for damage, you should also see whether it is really a mouth-blown glass at all. If the glass has coarse seams from the pressing process, the value will be rather small. But even at the seams, there are differences, depending on how pronounced and ugly they turn out.

Clear or milky - cloudy glasses

If the glass is clean and as polished as possible, it should sparkle against the light like a rainbow. The less the glass sparkles, the worse the quality. If lead crystal glasses are washed away in the dishwasher or by hand too hot, they become cloudy. That is a crucial shortcoming.


If you suspect that you have really precious glass in your possession, it is often necessary to go to a good antique dealer. He can give you exact information about the period of time the glasses belong to. An auction house will often give good information. However, some charge a fee for evaluating the jars or just make an estimate when selling the jars through the auction house in question.

Tips & Tricks

With a little luck, the company sticker sticks to the bottom of the glass. Then you can at least determine the series and the production year on the website of the manufacturer. For very old precious glasses that is usually no longer an option.

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