Attached balcony, balconies on old buildings, balcony system


Attached balcony, balconies on old buildings, balcony system: attached

The design of attached balconies can be modern, classic or traditional as in a "normal" balcony. Here the taste of the client is in demand.

Especially trendy is the Combination of hot dip galvanized surfaces with wood, Whether old villa, terraced or multi-party house, there is always a Anbaubalkon that fits the building.

Should it be a balcony of a system provider, after which Modular principle elements assembled or an individual solution developed by architects or metalworkers?

The answer to this often asked question depends on the Ideas and the purse of the client from. For both alternatives, the balcony cultivation on site is usually done in a few hours and the summer can be enjoyed on a few extra square meters in the fresh air.

Multifunctional habitat

Mini Garden, Outdoor Dining Room, Sun Oasis: The utility of a balcony is high, especially for city dwellers. Rent or buy an apartment without a balcony? For many unthinkable.

Here it pays to invest very specifically, including the smallest balcony is a place in the sun and many old building owners dream of it. If you are planning to retrofit or even refurbish a balcony, an extension balcony can be a cost-effective solution that can also be implemented with little effort without overly annoying conversions.

Provided with a flexible window system, the new balcony in winter in addition as winter garden be used.

Worthwhile investment

Why should home builders invest in balconies right now? modern System balconies also increase the value of the property through their attractive design, If you are planning now, you can start or start construction on time for the end of the gardening season.

With the new balcony systems, the occupants remain as good as undisturbed, since no interior work is required. Especially for Renovation and modernization a convincing concept.

For example, for the typical settlement houses of the 50s and 60s: Here there is often no or now urgently in need of renovation balconies, Good to know - especially for landlords or owner communities - that with little effort and investment a large increase in housing value can be created.

Interesting for single-family house owners who want to create granny flat: The balcony system makes it possible to develop it via separate house entrances.

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