Curbs made of granite have low prices

Curbs made of granite are suitable as decorative borders and fortifications of beds, borders and paths. Most of the granite has broken surfaces to fit in well with its natural character. The prices for the robust curbs are moderate.

Forms of curbs

Curbs are available as delicate and mostly flat mowing edges, which are often simply placed loosely on the lawn edges. The lawn edge stones, which are only a few centimeters thick, are usually available in single pieces 25 to 50 centimeters long and around 10 centimeters wide. Larger, wider and stronger curbs are also offered under the designations Bord- or Leistenstein. Standard lengths are fifty and one hundred centimeters.

Curves are composed of short curbs, which can either consist of larger paving stones made of granite or are composed of granite palisades. Special conical shaped fracture forms are commercially available. Alternatively, round granite palisades can be set side by side in a winding course. Individual manufacturers offer round-cut curb stones in different radii.

Common forms of curbs

  • High edge stone with 25 to 35 centimeters of ground supernatant
  • Round border stone with ten to 15 centimeters of ground overhang
  • Flat edge stone with right-angled bevel
  • Grass edge stone or mowing edge with three to five centimeters height

So much for curbs made of granite

The cheapest unit prices have mowing edges made of granite, which are available in lengths of 24 centimeters at ten centimeters wide and three centimeters thick from two euros. Classic meter pieces in cuboid form cost depending on processing, granite type and strength between ten and thirty euros each.

How to save

Simple gray granite mid grain curbs are often cheaper than curbs. After setting the curbs, the difference between curbs and curbs is barely recognizable. Standard granite curbs measuring 100x25x15 centimeters are often offered by natural stone traders at a lower cost than designated curbs.

Tips & Tricks

Do not be limited by the name of the granite stones - edge and edge fixings and boundaries on land and paths can also be assembled from paving stones, palisades, steps, blocks or bricks. This increases the range of prices for granite stones and products.

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