The current prices for professional wallpapering

A new wallpaper can change the living room ambience for the better, current wallpaper variants offer an amazing number of design options. Not everyone dares to wallpaper the walls with their own hands: what are the costs for wallpapering painters' hands?

Paper the living rooms: What are the prices based on?

In what condition is the underground? The removal of old wallpaper, the filling of holes and the pretreatment to consolidate crumbling plaster causes additional costs.

Which wallpaper did you choose? Thin paper and silk wallpapers cost a lot of time while wallpapering, a simple non-woven wallpaper can be brought to the wall faster.

What is your room to be wallpapered? Many niches and corners cost more to decorate than a simple, rectangular layout.

Where do you live? Craftsman prices tend to be higher in urban areas than in rural areas. So calculate with regional price deviations.

Guide values ​​for the costs including material and VAT

  • remove old wallpaper, according to effort: 5 - 20 EUR / sqm
  • Fill the wall or apply waste paper, according to expenditure: 5 - 40 EUR / sqm
  • Paper woodchip: approx. 6 - 10 EUR / sqm
  • Apply patterned wallpaper: approx. 7 - 14 EUR / sqm
  • The material for wallpapering: current prices

We have also determined the material costs for you, in case you might want to lend a hand yourself. When considering the prices per running meter (lfdm) for wallpapers, keep in mind that a lane usually has a width of 0.53 m.

  • Woodchip wallpaper: approx. 0.20 EUR / running meter + paint for painting
  • high-quality Raufaservlies: approx. 0.50 to 0.65 EUR / running meter + paint to strike
  • Non-woven wallpaper: about 1.60 EUR / running meter
  • different types of patterned wallpaper: approx. 0.70 EUR to 2.00 / running meter
  • white fiberglass wallpaper: approx. 1.00 EUR / running meter + paint for painting
  • Wall Mural: about 5 - 8 EUR / sqm
  • Wallpaper paste: approx. 0.30 EUR / sqm, surcharges for special pastes
  • Color for woodchip and fiberglass wallpaper: 0.60 EUR / sqm

Wallpapering a bedroom with 60 sqm wall surface

A man wants to have his bedroom decorated with a new wallpaper. The room has a wall surface of 60 sqm. The client removes the old wallpaper by hand and picks a new pattern wallpaper. The painter fills some plaster holes.

Cost overviewprice
1. Fill the holes270 EUR
2. Attach pattern wallpaper720 EUR
total990 EUR

Save money, lend a hand

If you do all the preparation yourself and the painter can start wallpapering directly on a clean, absorbent and smooth wall, you've saved some money.

Tips & Tricks

A woodchip wallpaper can be easily glued itself: Just give it a try!

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