Secure curtains securely

Secure curtains securely

Secure curtains securely: secure

Especially in older houses and apartments, the walls are often made partly of sandstone, in which virtually no nail and no screw holds. How you can still get roller blinds and curtains on the wall, you can read here.

Curtains and curtains can change the mood in a room. They also determine the lighting conditions in the rooms and provide privacy in our private rooms. A variety of blinds, curtains and curtains can be found on this website - and just as large as the choice of different curtains, are also the ways to bring them to the wall.

Fasten without drilling
For most mounting systems, at least two holes are drilled in the wall to attach the curtain rail mounts. But there are other methods that make drilling unnecessary.

Telescopic clamp bars are a way to get along without screws. The rods are simply clamped between two walls or below the camber and are a relatively stable and above all simple alternative to drilling.

Another variant would be the sticking of the curtain holders. It should be noted, however, that a secure fastening is only possible if the brackets have a sufficiently large adhesive surface. This method is suitable for light curtains and scarves. The adhesive used should be an extra strong mounting adhesive so that the curtains will not come back to you after a short time.

Secure curtains securely: securely

Fixing on sandstone walls
Often you have the problem that the walls are just too porous and nothing finds support in it. For sandstone, there are also methods to anchor the dowels firmly in the wall. For this you should fill the pre-drilled holes with cement and put the dowels in the still wet mass. When everything is dry, the dowels are firmly in the wall. However, one should be aware that the dowels fixed in this way can no longer be removed.

An alternative would be drilling into the masonry behind. For this purpose, especially long dowels and screws are needed. With this method you then have a very secure grip and it can also be hung heavy objects on the wall.

Mount in the window frame
If you choose to beautify your windows with roller blinds to provide the protection you need from prying eyes, attach them within the window frame so you do not have to drill into the walls.

Again, there are ways to mount the blind without permanent holes in the frame. The brackets are simply hung invisibly in the frame of the window. This not only saves you annoying drilling, but you can also easily open and close the windows, without the roller blind would be in the way.

Tip for the perfect case
So that the curtains do not stick out badly on the sides, there is a simple trick. First thread the curtain as usual on the pole. The last loop or loop, however, turn once inside. That is, it is folded inwards. Thus, the ugly edge disappears at the edge of the curtain and it falls soft and even.

If you want to hang a curtain in folds, you should first pin it out exactly with needles. Even after hanging, leave the pins in the curtains for a few more days to allow the wrinkles to tighten properly.

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