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Washing curtains - instructions

Wash curtains: curtains

When the gray of winter is driven away by the spring sun, the curtains suddenly look dirty. You can use curtain detergents and various special products or use tried-and-tested home remedies to make them fresh and shiny again.

Wondering how to do curtains how often that is due? Once or twice a year it should be at least, so that less dust in the apartment is. Where kitchen fumes, a lot of dust, nicotine or the inevitable soot of a stove cause heavy pollution, of course more often.

If you want to wash colored blinds, curtains or curtains, you should also: at least one or two washes a year, because dust settles on the fabric in any case. Of course they are not washed with bleach.

Contents: Wash curtains

  • Step 1: Remove the curtains
  • Step 2: Remove metal parts
  • Step 3: Read care instructions on label
  • Step 4: Use a laundry net
  • Step 5: Curtain Detergent and / or Home Remedies
  • Step 6: Wash - Wash curtains in the washing machine
  • Step 7: Hang or dry curtains
  • Step 8: iron curtains (if necessary)
  • Tips: How do curtains stay clean longer?

Step 1: Remove the curtains

Remove the curtains immediately before washing. Be sure to use a good household ladder, and never use chairs or similar restorations or climb window sills

IndeedMany falls occur when hanging or hanging the curtains - the most accidents in the household at all.

Please do not crease or curtail the curtains if possible when hanging down, so that no unnecessary wrinkles result.

Step 2: Remove metal parts

If metal parts (eg the wheels or clamps) are attached, they must be removed before washing. They could easily damage, rust and cause rust marks too easily. If that happens, you'll find the right advice to remove rust stains here at lets-rebuild.com.

Wash curtains: wash

Metal rings or rolls easily lead to annoying rust marks on the curtains.

Wash curtains: curtains

The same pieces of plastic can usually remain on the curtains, depending on the fabric.

Step 3: Read care instructions on label

Curtains have labels on which the usual symbols for textile care are to be found. Of course, these should be heeded. For the vast majority of curtains, gentle washing at low temperatures is recommended.

However, if there is no label, because it has been removed, the curtains come from interior decorators or it is self-made curtains, then you have two options. Either go with your curtains to an interior decorator or a cleaning, or you try it with the gentlest wash program, which offers your machine and take the risk.

Whether it pays off depends not least on the value of the curtains. A kind of compromise would be: curtain wash in the bath. In such a hand wash before also better remove rings or rolls.

Wash curtains: curtains

These symbols can be found on the labels of textiles - please treat accordingly.

Wash curtains: wash

Such simple stores are mostly made of synthetic fiber, not very expensive and quite washable.

Step 4: Use a laundry net

The curtain is best kept in a sufficiently large laundry network when washing.

If you have none to hand and the curtain without washing, then it is advisable with net-like fabric to remove all plastic parts, since they can otherwise get caught in the fabric, pull threads or even tear holes.

In the case of very delicate tissue, this is definitely advisable, although these can seldom be washed by themselves.

Smooth cotton curtains on the other hand, such as most Ikea curtains, can be safely washed with the plastic rolls or rings, because they can not harm these fabrics.

Step 5: Curtain Detergent and / or Home Remedies

A curtain wash almost always contains bleach to remove yellowing and greyness. Therefore, they are generally recommendable when it comes to white curtains. In the trade you will find appropriate products, for example under curtain detergents, white curtains or curtain salt. They are always used exactly according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Incidentally, normal heavy duty detergents also contain bleach. So if you do not have a curtain detergent on hand, this would be preferable to a wool, fine or colored laundry detergent.

Home remedies are proven and often also environmentally friendly, with a detergent while washing is still required. Here is a small, commented list:

Curtain white bleaches and should make the curtains shine particularly white.

  • Washing curtains with soda - soda has a bleaching and cleansing effect. It is a salt with many uses and a long history of application. May be irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. Mainly used for cleaning and washing.
  • Curtains wash with soda - very similar to soda, slightly less in the reaction and less basic (also slightly weaker in effect); also as Bullrichsalz in trade. Used more for cooking, baking, heartburn etc.
  • Washing curtains with baking soda - baking soda is basically soda with citric acid. Two to three packets of baking soda for curtain washing (in addition to the detergent) should also help to white curtains.
  • Wash curtains with salt and sugar - soak the curtains with a packet of salt over water, then wash them gently with detergent in the gentle cycle and add 30-40 grams of sugar at the last rinse, resulting in a kind of finish.
  • Curtains wash with citric acid - meaning the soaking of the curtains in a solution of citric acid and water (about 10 ml to 1 liter), preferably also overnight. Especially with greasy soiling, as you get in kitchen vapors, the fat-dissolving effect of citric acid is very beneficial.
  • Washing curtains with ink - dissolve the ink of a filler cartridge in one liter of cold water and pour it into the machine via the detergent dispenser as it enters the machine. The effect is based on a small optical illusion. In many "pure white" colors (eg wall paints) the radiance of white is enhanced by a small addition of blue pigments.
  • Bleaching curtains in the sun - UV light has a strong bleaching effect. Therefore, laundry was previously spread in the sun for bleaching. Curtains, however, may prefer to hang on a leash in the sun, as they spread on the meadow as before.
  • Colored curtains wash with vinegar - that makes the colors shine and prevents gray lime deposits in the fabric, so the tip of a housekeeper. The vinegar comes directly into the drum, even before the curtain, or in the detergent compartment before the detergent itself.

Tip: When washing curtains use softener. Even if you do not use it otherwise. This makes the gadins come out of the machine smoother and dry. Wrinkles come in synthetics in the wet state in the laundry. So, if you are washing curtains made of polyester, for example, treat the wet curtains with care and use softener.

Step 6: Wash - Wash curtains in the washing machine

You wonder, if you wash your curtains, which program you should choose. The answer is quite clear: If your machine does not have a special curtain wash, then "gentle wash" at 30 degrees or other gentle washings such as "hand wash" or "wool wash" are considered.

If your curtains are made of sturdy material and fabric, such as many cotton fabrics, curtain washing up to 60 degrees wash temperature is an option - information is always given on the care label. Please spin at low revs and as short as possible.

Only fill the washing machine by one-third to a maximum of half. Better to wash a machine more than to iron curtains. For the same reason, do not leave the curtains in the machine after the end of the wash cycle - it is better to remove them immediately.

Wash curtains: curtains

This machine has two programs that are suitable for most curtains.

Wash curtains: wash

If all went well, then the curtains are white again and clean for some time.

Step 7: Hang or dry curtains

The curtains are best hung directly on the rail or on the pole. It's best to dry and hang out well there. Many curtains become perfectly smooth after washing properly. In the optimal case a manageable effort.

Tip:Please think of increased ventilation, so that the resulting high humidity does not condense on the walls (risk of mold). Do not tilt the windows for a long time, then the dust settles again on the still damp curtains. Instead, multiple blows.

Step 8: iron curtains (if necessary)

With less easy-care fabrics, it may sometimes be necessary to iron the curtain. In any case, the label is to be consulted again. Mostly only ironing at the lowest level (1 point on the iron) is recommended.

Unfortunately, especially synthetics, which got the wrinkles in the wet state, thereby not so easily smooth again. In this case, it helps to lay a very thin cotton cloth (eg old sheet) smoothly over the equally extended curtain and to iron it with the steam iron at the lowest steam level. The steam penetrates and the combination of moisture and heat is significantly more effective than the bare iron at the lowest level.

Tips: How do curtains stay clean longer?

  • If you live on a busy street, you should basically not tilt the windows (it is not useful for ventilation anyway), but always with retracted curtains scorching. The curtains are otherwise like filters and the fine dust settles quickly in them.
  • When you are cooking, close the kitchen door, use the cooker hood and open the window with the steam drawn out when the curtain is pulled back.
  • If you have a wood-burning stove, always make sure there is a faultless draft to prevent smoke and soot from entering the room and, above all, avoid using damp wood.
  • Suction curtains with a textile nozzle occasionally at low suction power.
  • Smokers ask to smoke outside.
  • For candles, keep the wick relatively short, so you do not develop so much soot.

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