Tiled spiral stairs

The tiling of a spiral staircase is, of course, above all a computational task. The treads in the coiled sections change their depth and must be "warped" to maintain the longitudinally running joints in the correct relation. This can be done in advance by measuring or adjusted piece by piece.

Tiles in conical shape

In most cases, right-angled coils must be tiled. Due to the building law valid standard, this winding may have a maximum of four steps. While this scale can still be mastered with a single measurement of the steps and the individual customization and laying, with semi-circular or complete spiral staircases it is important to calculate the steps in advance.

Each tile on the tread of a helix with undercut receives a conical shape to fit. Depending on the width of the stairs and the individual tile rounded edges must be made on the front sides of the longitudinal edges.

Planning and calculation types

Indispensable prerequisites for the tiling of spiral staircases are precision-cutting and professional tools. A drawing warping of the stairs leads to very unusual tile formats, which must be precisely cut to size.

The basis of calculation for a spiral staircase is its diameter, from which the tile shapes are determined by means of the generally valid formula for steps.

In the case of a stair-step calculator, the ray method or the ratio calculation can be used as instructions, but both require a basic mathematical understanding.

Handing over joints by hand

Since tiles form two or more joints in width, they should continue to run evenly throughout the entire winding for optical reasons. In a semi-spiral staircase, the joints can be transferred to the next step, always working from top to bottom. The warping of the staircase is thus tracked in single steps, without the need for a mathematical basis.

Tips & Tricks

If you apply the individual tiles to the tiles during installation, large cardboard sheets will help you to cut out exact stencils, after which you can then piece them the individual tiles into the appropriate format.

Video Board: Tiling circular stairs