Make a cutlery bag for a single use

If the tinkering of a cutlery bag is designed for a one-time use, attractive variants can be produced in a few simple steps. They not only serve the decoration, but also signal cleanliness and a well-run kitchen. The simplest form begins with a set of utensils rolled into a napkin.

Suitable craft materials

When making your own cutlery bags either durable, reusable and washable models are implemented or unique decorative elements are used. For decorating the cutlery, several craft materials are suitable:

  • paper
  • cardboard
  • tissue
  • material
  • napkins
  • gift ribbons
  • Jewelry cords
  • rubber bands

In most cases, the crafting of cutlery bags is in the planned and meticulous folding. Many suggestions can be found on the internet on household and hobby pages. From the simple napkin folding to the Ikebana with three-dimensional folds, the ideas are enough.

Thematic cutlery bags

When designing, topics can be addressed and implemented in a creative way. Typical examples are:

  • Old sheet music for musicians or music lovers
  • Favorite color of each person
  • Supplemented by natural materials such as flowers or spice boxes
  • Saying or name on the cutlery bag
  • Take up festive occasions such as Christmas or Easter

Functional aspects when making your own

When crafting a cutlery bag, the menu sequence and the required cutlery should be included in the considerations. Often a compromise between the "official" cutlery arrangement according to Knigge and the current need must be concluded.

Temporary cutlery bags are usually made as individual pieces. The question of the lying position right or left can be avoided with the placement on the plate. If it is a cutlery bag that then serves the purpose of a napkin, it should be unfoldable. In this case, gluing or other types of fixing must be avoided.

Breakfast bag as an instant solution

To save folding work or to use an alternative design, paper bags are recommended. The so-called breakfast bags can be painted and decorated as desired. Their nature makes them ideal cutlery bags.

Tips & Tricks

Think of your diners when they have "unpacked" the cutlery. The cutlery bag, unless created as a reusable napkin, should take as elegant as possible no place or simply be in the way.