Break cutter knife properly - that's how it works

Cutter knives are found in almost every household. They are a universal tool that is often useful. Again and again, however, there is uncertainty about how to break off a cutter blade properly - especially without hurting yourself. Our contribution shows how it works.

Cutter species

Cutter is available in different versions and with different blades. Most people will probably automatically think of plastic-lined cuttings that can push the blades out with a push-button.

There are also so-called carpet knife with metal housing and cutter with hook blades. In Austria, cutters are usually called "Stanley knives" - meaning almost always the carpet knife with the metal case, not the plastic version.


Snap-off blades are available in different widths. Accordingly, then changes the format of the cutter.

Breaking blades have their name therefore because they over Predetermined breaking points on the blade. These predetermined breaking points serve to break off no longer cutting sections of the blade and then push the blade further out, so that again a sharp cutting edge is available.

To cancel, a clip is available on each cutter at the rear end, which can be pulled out (black part). When canceling but you must always be careful that you do not hurt. How to do it shows our instructions:

Break cutter blade properly - that's how it works

  • cutter
  • Cutter clip at the end of the cutter (black part)
  • alternatively. nose pliers

1. Push in the cutter blade

As a rule, only the foremost segments are worn. These must be broken off cleanly, then the cutter can cut again sharp with the remaining remainder of the cutter blade. Push the blade into the cutter until one segment protrudes (predetermined breaking point is still visible).

2. Fix the clip correctly

At the rear end of the clip is a groove. It is designed so that exactly one segment fits into it. Position the clip so that the segment lies in the groove and the groove exactly parallel to the predetermined breaking point, A pair of pliers must always be set parallel to the predetermined breaking point, otherwise the blade will not break properly!

3. Cancel blade

Hold the cutter and clip firmly and with a quick, powerful movement of the clip downward kinking. The blade breaks exactly when the groove is parallel to the predetermined breaking point. Then remove the blunt blade element. Repeat if necessary, also on other, already blunt segments until the blade tip again has a sharp edge.

Tips & Tricks

With carpet knives and hook blades canceling is not possible. Here the blade has to be changed.

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