Cutter for cutting Plexiglas?

Again and again, the question arises, with which you can actually cut Plexiglas, and whether an ordinary cutter is sufficient. Whether this is what you have to pay attention to and how Plexiglas is professionally tailored, read in this post.

acrylic glass

Plexiglas, correctly called acrylic glass, is a plastic with high transparency and translucency, much like glass. The material is very hard and highly resistant to breakage - about 11 times more resistant to breakage than glass.

It consists of polymethyl acrylate and is a so-called thermoplastic, which means it can be deformed under heat. Depending on the design, it is either elastic or impact-reinforced.

Cutting Plexiglas

Due to its strength, acrylic glass can only be cut in very thin material thicknesses. Up to one Thickness of 1 - 2 mm Cutting with the cutter can still work.

It can not cut directly, but only be scratched. After scoring you can break the Plexiglas clean along the scribe edge. In most cases, this results in relatively smooth breaklines (if previously scratched clean).

Tools for scratching

  • Cutter (Not the cutting side, but use the back!)
  • Glass cutter (from approx. 5 EUR on sale)
  • special scoring tools (from about 5 EUR on sale, but usually hard to find)

Carefully scratch and break the Plexiglas

  • acrylic glass
  • stable, level surface
  • Scoring tool
  • ruler
  • Fettstifft for marking
  • wooden slat
  • clamp

1. Prepare base

Place the acrylic on a stable, level surface (table, etc.). Do not remove the paper coating.

2. Mark the breaking edge

Use the grease pencil and ruler to mark the desired break line on the front and back.

3. cracks

Apply a suitable scoring tool (such as a glass cutter) to the ruler and apply 5 to 10 times on both sides anritzen.

4. Breaking

Push the break edge onto the edge of the base (for example to the edge of the table). Firmly fix the plexiglass plate with a screw clamp (underlay the cloth). Place a wooden slat on the piece that protrudes beyond the base. Crush with firm pressure on the wood.

Tips & Tricks

You may also be able to cut thinner pieces with a fretsaw or a circular saw. Plexiglass is professionally cut with the laser. It is advisable to order the pieces already cut to size (this is possible and usually costs only a small extra charge).

Video Board: DIY How to Easily Cut Plexiglass