The cutting of concrete blocks must be done carefully

Concrete blocks can be cut, with the thickness or strength deciding whether home improvement machines or heavy professional equipment is needed. The principle follows the cutting of at least half of the depth at which then a cut break does the rest.

Machines, abrasives and alternatives

The hard material concrete can only be cut with powerful machines, which require a lot of physical effort. Cut concrete blocks only when you are in good physical and mental condition. Inattention can immediately lead to dangerous situations.

The cutting of concrete blocks requires a high amount of material for the abrasives. Cutting discs for hand machines such as a circular saw or a Flex must be equipped with diamond in most types of concrete stones. A saw blade can cost several hundred euros and sometimes only a few cuts hold.

If you decide to cut concrete blocks yourself, you should always make a cost-benefit calculation and check for possible alternatives, such as the purchase of pre-cut and matching concrete blocks. A trial cut a few days before the actual start of work gives you information about effort, force and abrasives needed.

To cut up to 15 centimeters thick concrete blocks

  • Water (terminal)
  • Stone cutting disc or
  • diamond saw blade
  • Flex / angle grinder or
  • Circular saw (min 15 ampere) or
  • Wet cutting table
  • chalk
  • working gloves
  • Work shoes with steel caps
  • Mouth and eye protection
  • ear protection
  • helper
  • rubber hammer
  • Possibly industrial vacuum cleaner

1. Create a workplace

Set up a fixing option for the concrete block you want to cut. Make sure that no sensitive objects or glass panes in the direction of the saw blade are hit.

2. Mark the workpiece

Use chalk to mark the cutting curves of several concrete blocks so that you can make several cuts in succession.

3. Equip machine

Clamp the abrasive in the appropriate machine according to the operating instructions. Adjust the cutting height to the intended depth of cut and attach the face and hearing protection.

4. Cut concrete block

Place the saw blade on one side of the concrete block and trigger the machine. Guide the sheet vertically without jamming slowly and with even pressure along the chalk mark. When the cut is complete, use the rubber hammer to break down the concrete block.

Tips & Tricks

The more often you let the grinding wheels cool down, the longer they last.

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