The cutting of GRP depends on the material thickness

Workpieces and components made of fiberglass (GRP) are usually between one and two millimeters thick. With low precision cutting requirements and maximum strength, cutting with scissors is possible and a saw should be used.

Scissors or saw with carbide or diamond blade

If GRP is to be cut, it pays to try working with scissors with a material thickness of up to around one millimeter. Scissor types include heavy-duty tailor's scissors, tin snips and conventional poultry shears with low demands on the cutting edges.

For thicker GRP material, a saw is necessary for cutting. Both jigsaws and circular and band saws have no difficulty with the appropriate saw blade to cut GRP clean. As an alternative, the milling of GRP as a cutting option is common.

Decisive is the saw blade. In many cases, a tungsten carbide toothing is sufficient, and always a test should be made on the affected GRP. The type and structure decide on the required hardness. Glass fabrics can be harder or softer and their number varies in layers. When carbide saw blades lose or grind their teeth, use diamond-tipped saw blades.

How to cut GRP

  • Coolant or
  • water
  • marking pen
  • Engraving, circular or band saw or
  • Tailor, sheet metal or poultry shears
  • brush
  • Respiratory and eye protection, possibly protective suit
  • gloves
  • Vacuum cleaner or extraction system

1st test cut

If you want to cut fiberglass, try out is always recommended. Try the different types of scissors and check the precision and effort. If the result is unsatisfactory, test a saw incision in a negligible, invisible area if possible.

2. With the scissors

Mark the desired cutting line and apply the scissors as for other cuts. The largest force acts on the delta of the scissor wing crossing directly above the cross axis.

3. With the saw

Saw at a speed of 1500 to 3000 revolutions per minute. Use a jig saw to fix the self-aligning bearing.

4. Cool and suck

Always dab the sawing frame with cold water for cooling. Work under an extraction system or have an assistant constantly carry a vacuum cleaner pipe parallel to the sawing process.

Tips & Tricks

Change the cutting tool when fiberglass starts to chip out.

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