Attach a D-C Fix window film

D-C-Fix is ​​synonymous in this country almost synonymous with window films. The products of the company are correspondingly widespread. Reason enough to go into the house journal closer to attaching the D-C-Fix window film.

Background information on D-C-Fix decorative films

The Konrad Hornschuch AG from Weißenbach in Baden-Württemberg was founded in 1905 and a few years later was a company that focused on the production and processing of synthetic fibers. Already in 1958, the company launched its two brands D-C-Fix (self-adhesive decorative films) and Skai (artificial leather) on the market.

Skai became synonymous with imitation leather and made it even in the Duden. Likewise, the brand D-C-Fix was very well known very quickly. Even today, D-C-Fix films are among the most widely used self-adhesive film products.

Traditionally, the house journal does not focus on particular brands unless they are products that also make it into the vocabulary as a colloquial synonym. For this reason, we will then specifically target the attachment of a D-C-Fix window film.

Attach a D-C Fix window film

The attachment of a D-C-Fix window foil can be subdivided into several work steps:

  • Basic cleaning of the window
  • Cutting the window foil
  • Attach the D-C-Fix window film
  • Care tips after attaching the window film

The basic cleaning of the window to be glued

First, the window needs to be cleaned. There must be no more dirt or grease on the glass surface. To clean the window, you can use a commercially available window cleaner. Make sure that even stubborn dirt such as fly dirt is removed. You can also use a scraper for glass ceramic plates for so stubbornly stuck dirt.

The cutting of the window foil

Like many window films, the D-C Fix window film comes with a protective film on the back. Please do not remove this protective film yet. Now measure the width and height of the glass surface of the window to be glued. Transfer the measurements to the window film and cut them. You can also make a template for this. If you have further questions about cutting a window foil / link], you can clarify it in the linked guidebook.

Install the D-C-Fix window film

Now you can attach the D-C-Fix window foil. It is a window film that is wet mounted. Provide a spray bottle of clean water. Now pull off about ten centimeters of the protective film and fold it over.

Now spray the glass surface with the water and align the foil. Fold and blow out with a squeegee. Then remove another 10 cm of the protective film and repeat the process. How to apply the D-C-Fix window film in several steps without bubbles or wrinkles.

Care tips after pasting with the window film

Before you clean the window surface again, let the film dry for about two weeks. Then use conventional window cleaners. Also observe the care instructions of the manufacturer of the D-C-Fix window film.

Tips & Tricks

If you have not managed to massage or push any air bubbles out of the foil, gently prick them with a thin needle. With the fingernail you can now press the foil in this area on the glass.

Product Image: Bignai / Shutterstock

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