Repair damage to the cabinet

Due to mechanical effects wood cabinets can carry deep damage. The repair is not that difficult. Find out how to easily repair scratches and dents in the cupboard yourself here.

For the repair you need a wood repair wax or wood filler. Both can be found online or in your hardware store from 5 to 7 euros.

Correct deep damage in the wood step-by-step

  • Wood repair wax or wood filler
  • Paint or paint
  • Fat-dissolving agent (nail varnish, spirit, dishwashing liquid, etc.)
  • abrasive paper
  • Iron (with wax repair kit)
  • Small trowel (with wood filler)
  • Brush and paint rollers
  • hairdryer
  • cotton cloth

1. Pretreatment

It is advisable to restore the entire cabinet so that the repaired area is not visible. To do this, first sand off the cabinet completely (you can find instructions here). For stubborn paint, you can also pick it off.
Furthermore, the damaged area must be thoroughly cleaned. Use a degreaser and some water for this. Blow-dry the area afterwards dry.

2a. Mending with wax

If you have purchased a wood repair kit that contains wax, you will need an iron for processing. Estimate how much wax you need to restore the damaged area and heat the appropriate amount (preferably a little more than enough) in your hands or in the oven at low temperatures.

Then push it into the dent. Lay the cloth on top and iron over the wax at low temperatures until you feel it has been well distributed.
Now wait until it is dry.

2 B. Mending with wood filler

For this you do not need an iron but only a small trowel to apply the putty. Spread the mass into the dent and smooth the surface. Wait until the mass has dried.

3. Rework

Now sand off the remnants cleanly. Then you can paint or varnish the cabinet in the desired color.
Alternatively, you can only paint over the edited area. However, the color difference will be visible. Therefore, it is advisable to subsequently paint the entire cabinet.

Tips & Tricks

Small dents or notches can be removed with a steam iron: After sanding, steam is applied to the wood. The moisture swells up and can be sanded off.

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