Damage to the ceramic: How can a bathtub be repaired?

A bathtub is a commodity: If you frequently shower or bathe in it, you have a good chance of scratching or otherwise damaging the ceramic. That's pretty annoying, but no reason to swap the whole tub! With a suitable repair kit can be mending damage to the ceramic of a bathtub mending: here a guide.

Chipping and scratches on the bathtub: what to do with it?

There are special bath repair kits on the market that even a layman can easily use. Especially when moving out of a rented apartment, it is advisable to repair the damaged ceramics, as this will certainly make the home purchase much more relaxed.

The mentioned repair kits are available in many different colors, so that the patched area is hardly or not at all distinguishable from the intact environment.

Mending a bathtub: That's how it works!

  • dish soap
  • water
  • EVLT. liquid rust remover
  • fine sandpaper
  • Cloth for drying
  • high-quality repair kit for ceramics

1. Clean damaged areas

Thoroughly clean all damaged areas with water and a small amount of detergent. Then dry everything well with a rag. This gives you a stable, clean surface.

If the metal is exposed underneath the ceramics and rust has already set in, rust removal with liquid rust remover or sand paper is recommended before cleaning.

2. Mix two-component mass

Mix the two components of your ceramic repair kit (hardener and putty) according to the instructions for use and then process the compound as quickly as possible before it hardens.

3. Apply the filler

Use the small plastic spatula, usually in the package, to apply the repair compound. If no spatula is available, a knife or a special Kitteisen is sufficient. Completely easily fill the damaged area above the level.

4. smooth grinding

After about half an hour of drying time, gently sand the repaired areas of your bathtub with fine sandpaper. Then remove the sanding dust.

5. Use paint spray

Now spray the paint spray from your repair kit specifically to the repaired areas. After drying the paint, the bath tub is back to normal and looks (almost) like new!

Tips & Tricks

In order to get a spot to be repaired completely free of grease, cleaning with acetone is recommended.

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