Discover damage to the roof - maintenance and repair

What does the handyman do and when should a professional come to work?

Discover damage to the roof - maintenance and repair: damage

The roof is the part of the house that has to endure the most: Rain, hail, snow load, storm, extreme temperature jumps, With regular maintenance, such stress is good. But sometimes it makes more sense to get involved in the Completely rebuild years old roof.

After 1999 the century storm Lothar Especially in France and southern Germany, statisticians have calculated that the by far the greater part of the damage to rooftops would have been avoidable, Minor gaps in the covering, slipped or Missing roof tiles or bricks would be the attack points for the storm delivered.

Homeowners in the affected areas would only have to keep the roofs in proper shape or have to commission experts with maintenance.

Working on the roof - what can the do-it-yourself do?

Easily recognizable for the homeowner the attic is evidence of damage give. Water spots or puddles on the floor may indicate possible damage to the construction.

In such a case, however, one should proceed calmly and make sure that not only one Leak in the roofing the cause is. If only the roofing or the sealing layer is damaged, a repair is usually accomplished with little effort.

Small repairs

Discover damage to the roof - maintenance and repair: discover


Small repairs, such as leaks in the garage roof or on the flat roof of a bungalow, can also with home improvement special waterproof and permanently elastic sealing materials yourself. For a quick and immediately watertight sealing of leaks on the flat roof in wind and weather, a fiber-reinforced bitumen putty is also well suited.


Discover damage to the roof - maintenance and repair: repair

Check your windows for leaks, cracks or joints

A completely harmless work for the handyman is that Check and correct leaky skylights, Depending on the weather window frames z. For example, made of wood very different: By solar radiation expands wood, cold leaves it shrink.

To close the resulting joints and Avoid ventilation losses and the ingress of humidity, the seals should be checked regularly and if necessary be renewed, z. B. by Ölkitt.

But also window frames made of aluminum or plastic can be leaking due to weather conditions, the Seals become fragile and ailing, They are carefully removed and replaced with a new sealing tape.

Professional Note

No matter which roof you live in, most of the repairs should be done no case in own contribution even if, for example, it is merely a question of exchanging individual pans.
Renovation of Asbestos roofs in own direction is expressly forbidden, because of the dust load that can occur. Only certified specialists are allowed to undertake such work.

Ask specialists - the specialist inspects the roof

Discover damage to the roof - maintenance and repair: roof

Regular inspection provided by the specialist, the roof should be even after bad weather and heavy snowfall no serious damage to take. He knows exactly what to look for, where the vulnerabilities are:

Surroundings of chimneys, skylights, penetrations of all kinds, such as for antennas or exhaust pipes, are investigated. The roofing is checked For example, all bricks are still correct in tiled roofs or are there shifts? Gaps can be seen better with a non-clad roof truss, because the roof construction is visible inside and the daylight betrays the damaged area.

Also, the drainage may have been affected. The holder of the gutters and downpipes z. B. by torn down snow from the anchorage have been. A check should also be made of all metallic connections and terminations, eg. As in chimneys, throats and verges.

If available, should too Screw connections are testedwhether they are stuck. A lot have to bear the verges on the gable ends, and if a storm at this point once carried a few tiles or tiles, he can clean up the next time really.

What many homeowners also underestimate is the Windsog on the leeward side of the building - The experienced roofer will also look more closely there, in search of loose, damaged bricks, roof tiles, fiber cement boards.

Discover damage to the roof - maintenance and repair: repair

professionals consider also in which area the building standswhich special climatic conditions it has to endure. In the open field will be the other than in the forest or at the edge of the forest, near the Alps other than in the Rhineland.

If the craftsman has found individual missing or damaged roof tiles, these must be replaced or replaced. Here are especially roof tiles with a large cover layer sliding area, these can be relatively easily adapted to existing laths.

The view on the flat roof

Flat roofs have less under high wind speeds, to suffer more from rainfall and snow load, Defective or poorly sealed seals are bad enough, but have devastating consequences when combined with clogged drains.

Also, flat roofs are exposed to double load when directly below them is living space. It must be prevented that extend minor damage and the construction as a whole compromise.

Maintenance work - when, where and how often

According to the quality association DachKomplett (QVDK) some work on the maintenance of the roof at regular intervals on.

… each year

Discover damage to the roof - maintenance and repair: discover

Generally once a year, the following maintenance and inspection should take place: Examination of the roof exits, the treads, roof ladders and the escalatorsbecause, in the event of a fall, the residents may need to rescue themselves via the roof path.

A check deCover for soiling and damage should take place, the windbreaker should be checked. Rain gutters should be cleared of leaves, branches and moss, snow catchers to be examined.

Also the Brackets and connections of solar systemsWhether solar thermal or photovoltaic, should be inspected.

... every three years

at windows However, if, in particular, the Frame constructions and the glass seals only be examined every three years.

Coating and refreshing with paint

Discover damage to the roof - maintenance and repair: discover

A new coating of the Roofing with paint can be a cheap alternative to a new roofing of the roof. You can argue about taste, with the neighbors, the building authority and the preservation of monuments.

Lichen, moss and algae on the covering are a thorn in the eye of one, the other accepts it as a natural form of aging. Who cares it was not thirty years ago Brick with Lotus effect got or renounced on Edelengobe has, will be interested in the possibility of subsequent paint application.

Discover damage to the roof - maintenance and repair: damage

Dachsteine ​​respectively Bricks are first cleaned with a pressure washer and then coated up to three times. However, the ghosts are divorced here: Some experts already see the cleaning process as a very risky process.

It is important that the application of a new color and protective layer is carried out only by reputable specialist companies. As with a new roofing can Clinker façade and roofing made of clay roof tiles by means of paint now optically coordinated become.

Discover damage to the roof - maintenance and repair: roof

Despite the increasing variety of colors, the earthy tones are still chosen when choosing bricks or when applying additional paint.

In some cases, shrill and unusual colors are not allowed in many places, so as not to jeopardize the uniform landscape. At special Color requests on your part so always inquire in advance with the relevant officewhether they are allowed.

New roofing and reconstruction of the roof

Discover damage to the roof - maintenance and repair: damage

Not only the variety of forms and materials that can be obtained speak for a new roof structure and thus for a new roofing. Also one contemporary thermal insulation according to the legal regulations may require a new roofing and significantly reduce the homeowners' running costs.

Today it is possible to give even historic houses a stylish, yet brand new, fifth façade. Nostalgic roof decoration is to get, next to newer forms, to footballs or dragons from the Middle Kingdom.

Discover damage to the roof - maintenance and repair: roof

Apart from the aesthetics, the reconstruction of the roof construction including insulation can raise the energetic standard of the house enormously, because the losses over a poorly insulated roof are considerable. Faster and easier - and thus also cost-saving - succeed in new roofing, if you look for large-format roof plows decides.

From the middle of 2008, the energy requirement certificate for old buildings will become mandatory, and with an energy passport, the value increase will be black and white.

Rebuilding of the roof including rafter insulation and airtightness foil.

Qualified and reputable craftsmen

Caution is advised when one Handwerksbetrieb signed a contract for roofing work right at the front door would like to have. Get informed before signing, eg. For example, you can find reputable companies through the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH).

There as well as on the websites of the association under enterprises one learns likewise, who in the closer environment for tasks like Maintenance, repairs, new roofing or disposal of asbestos-containing roofing comes into question:

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50968 Cologne
PO Box 51 10 67
50946 Cologne

Tel.: 0221/39 80 38-0
Fax: 0221/39 80 38-99
E-Mail: [email protected]

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