Dark luster creates an elegant look: tiles in anthracite

The shiny dark color anthracite creates a high-class and elegant atmosphere in living rooms. The color between gray and black shines dark and warm. In tile form both smooth surfaces are used as well as structured variants.

Dark brightness

Among the tiles in the color anthracite, the slate is very popular. The surface, irregular and slightly broken, has height differences of less than one millimeter. The natural shine of the anthracite is interrupted by the depositions and creates a spatial marbling effect.

Smooth surfaces without marbling produce a dull gray-black gloss, which despite its darkness creates a "radiant" look. The large light reflection brightens the anthracite optically and can develop an almost metallic impression.


Anthracite tiles are used in all room types and are color neutral so they fit almost any furnishing and architectural style.

  • Anthracite tiles in the bathroom are less susceptible to dried drops or limestone edges, which are clearly visible on black or other dark tile surfaces.
  • In the living area, anthracite tiles create a neutral look that matches furniture, wall colors and all sorts of finishes.
  • Anthracite as an achromatic color can be easily combined with tiles in other colors, since the "non-color" does not form a visually inappropriate contrast.
  • Tiles in anthracite color are available in ceramic or natural stone. Some granites produce the typical shine with the mica materials contained in them. Many slate products are called anthracite.

Online price examples

The popularity of the neutral and elegant anthracite tiles has led to almost every manufacturer and retailer selling tiles in this color.

  • Fliesenrabatte.de offers a range of ceramic tiles in anthracite from € 30 per square meter.
  • Der-fliesenkraemer.de offers floor tiles in anthracite from around € 20 per square meter.
  • At fliesenwelt.net, the anthracite products are offered from around € 30 per square meter.
  • Natural stone tiles made of slate or granite in anthracite cost around fifty euros per square meter, with some providers such as mosafil.de also called quartzite is called natural stone.

Tips & Tricks

Not all tiles with the color anthracite are named as such. Glossy gray and metallic are popular names for anthracite. If in doubt, you should judge a sample tile yourself.

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