Decision support: Which facade color should I take?

Of course, you can simply paint your façade with the cheapest paint you can find! But what are the consequences? Perhaps this will greatly reduce the breathability of your exterior walls, so that moisture accumulates in the building material. Or the coating does not cover properly, and you strike three to five times to get even a uniform surface. Maybe the color does not even withstand the weather - and what then?

Facade paints must be extremely robust

So that you really have a long time with your new facade paint, you should choose a product that is stable against rain, frost and sunshine. In addition, we recommend that your coating has a high opacity and maximum abrasion resistance.

Of course, such colors are not cheap, but the result can be long term to compensate. However, there is still the question in the room: Which type of façade color should I use?

Decision support: Which facade color should I take?: which

These facade colors are available

At this point, we take a look at the most important façade colors. So we get an idea of ​​what the market has to offer and how we can achieve the best possible renovation result.

chromaticityCardinal applicationTintable with...diffusivityDirt and algae
emulsion painton plaster, old paintings, natural stone and brick... full tone and tinting colorsmediummoderately prone
silicate paintexclusively on mineral ground... alkali-resistant pigmentsvery welllittle prone
Silicone resin painton plaster, old paintings, natural stone and brick... full and tint colorslowmoderately prone

The silicate paint stands out as particularly strong diffusion and dirt repellent in the eye, but it is highly alkaline and not exactly inexpensive. Emulsion paints, on the other hand, are available at a much lower price and are easier to handle.

Which façade color offers a lotus effect?

For facades that get dirty quickly because they are located at a special focal point, the use of a color with lotus effect offers. Dirt, algae and moss have little chance of sticking to such coatings.

Different manufacturers offer such practical colors, but of course they are quite expensive. In addition, they are extremely sensitive to grease and should therefore not be used in areas with greasy flue gases.

Tips & Tricks

Never buy the cheapest color for your façade, because that's how you've pre-programmed the trouble. Pay attention to high quality features to enjoy the new coating as long as possible - only then comes the price.

Product Image: Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock

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