Crucial for the price of gutters is the material

The gutters used on residential buildings are made of aluminum, copper, titanium zinc and, alternatively, galvanized or copper-plated steel. Only for use in smaller buildings such as garden sheds, the cheaper plastic channels are suitable.

Drainage system has many parts

Gutters are made up of a whole group of parts, all made of the same metal.

  • Gutter angles and corners
  • Expansion compensation elements
  • Drain sockets or gutter boxes
  • Downpipes with accessories such as lids and connectors
  • Fastening devices such as gutter holder or eaves plates
  • Channel bottoms and graduations
  • Branches and round elements

As a rule of thumb, the prices can be sorted into two groups. The gutters made of titanium zinc and aluminum start at six euros per meter of gutter, with copper and pre-weathered titan zinc cost the cheapest running trough meter from about 15 euros.

price factors

The gutters are offered in the respective size in several lengths, the longer pieces have a lower price per meter running.

Box-shaped gutters are five to ten percent more expensive than round products with the same width and identical material.

Many vendors and manufacturers offer gutter sets that are often available at a cheaper price than the single purchase. For any adaptation work but then must be calculated with additional work


For the self-assembly of gutters, the prices for special tools such as tin snips, soldering irons or tools and flame-retardant equipment must also be taken into account.

Comparative price examples

Price ranges within the two metal groups are illustrated in the following examples. It is based on a semicircular gutter with the dimension RG200.

  • On the Einmeterstück aluminum costs 5.09 euros, the same gutter made of titanium zinc 6.49 euros.
  • The offers gutters made of copper for 17.83 euros in the meter piece of preweathered titanium zinc costs the product with 1.50 meters in length 19.10 euros.
  • At, a complete package with nine meters of gutter and all necessary accessories, including downpipes and aluminum fasteners, costs 123.76 euros. The gutter package made of copper with the same components is offered for 465.99 euros.

Tips & Tricks

Almost all manufacturers provide clear illustrations that represent the complete drainage system. Pick a picture and design a material requirements list for your needs.

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