Decking boards must be at the right distance

The distance between the individual decking boards and the substructure is a decisive factor for the durability of the terrace. Ventilated wood can dry and dry well, preventing mold and rot. Another important aspect is the movement tolerance.

Distance in two directions

Wooden decking often gets wet and does not tolerate long exposure to water and moisture. Therefore, care must be taken during construction to ensure a sufficient distance on the substructure, which allows a downwards capillary action. Should be avoided, a direct resting of the wooden floorboards on the floor or other woods.

The distance between the individual decking boards should dissipate the running through the terrace slope water sufficiently quickly. Specialist firms specify as ideal distance five to ten millimeters. The distance has the added effect of letting the wood "work" and maintaining the required movement tolerance at different temperatures.

Often ignored the important distance to the house wall. The gap to the wall should be at least eight millimeters. A firm anchoring to the house wall like screwing is not recommended, which limits the mobility of the decking. Better is a free-standing substructure.

How to install decking at the right distance

  • Spacers for plank spaces and
  • Spacer for plank cover or
  • Combined fastening system such as claw or adjusting foot
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Countersunk head wood screws
  • Gurtbandzwinge
  • Senkkopfbohrer
  • Handcircuit or jigsaw

1. Prepare planks

Saw your decking to the correct length. The lengths do not have to be accurate to the millimeter, because after screwing you can make a final cut with a circular or jigsaw.

2. Place planks

Lay out the decking boards with the spacers clamped between them on the substructure. Remember the minimum distance to the wall of eight millimeters.

3. Apply webbing clamp

Tighten the deck boards tightly with two webbing clamps next to the screw points.

4. Drill and lower the holes

Drill two holes in each board, lower the edges of each hole with the countersink drill and screw board to board on both sides.

Tips & Tricks

Keep a minimum distance of five centimeters from the end of the mounting holes to prevent later chipping or tearing.

Video Board: Consistent Screw Lines and Gap Widths