Christmas tree decorate like a pro: that's how it's done

The most beautiful Christmas tree decoration is of no use if it is attached inappropriately. How to decorate a Christmas tree really beautiful, and what professional tips you should take to heart, you will learn in our article.

How much Christmas tree decorations do I need?

As for almost everything in life, there is also a rule of thumb for it. It is:

Each 25 cm tree height should accommodate between 10 and 15 decorative items.

However, this rule of thumb is just that: a rule of thumb. In practice, one will also follow the existing Christmas tree decorations - and the nature of the tree:

  • the larger the individual decorative elements, the more economical one should handle them (larger balls for less balls)
  • The further the individual branches of the tree are apart, the more economical one decorates
  • Trees with very dense growth can be decorated a bit more lush

Colors and structures

Here again, there is a simple rule of thumb that you can follow well:

Colors of decorative objects should be as uniform as possible, structures should be as different as possible.

To dye

What does that mean for practice? Uniform colors do not mean same To dye. That would even seem boring. But you should limit yourself to 1 - 2 shades - of these you can then use some nuances.

For example, if you want to decorate a Christmas tree in red (a classic) you should combine different reds: bright red, dark red, bordeaux. But you should not use more than a maximum of one contrasting color (for example, silver). You can also decorate the entire tree tone-on-tone by using a shade of red as a contrasting color to the other reds on the tree (for example, very bright red).

If possible, you should not use more than two colors, so that your tree does not appear too "colorful" and overloaded.


Structures, on the other hand, should be chosen as differently as possible - here a wide range of different structures is no problem. This means, for example:

  • smooth red Christmas tree balls
  • Hearts in white-red patterned fabric
  • red jute sacks
  • dark red wooden horse

The more varied the structures are, the more alive the tree is. The optical "cohesion" succeeds on the color uniformity. Pay attention to a varied assortment of rough and smooth materials. Try to accommodate creative ideas as well - this will make your tree alive and individual.

Place deco article correctly

Another rule of thumb to remember:

Large and powerful decorative items always come down, smaller and filigree up.

The meaning of this rule is actually quite simple: even a tree is structured in this way. The strong, thick and bearing branches can be found below, the lighter and finer branches further up. The distribution of decorative items then corresponds to the optical image of the tree - the other way around, the whole thing would seem very inharmonious.

Balls are the main decorative elements - nothing has changed this far. They deserve the most important place on the tree, because only through balls does a Christmas tree actually look like a Christmas tree. Other decorative items are always lined up.

Also, try to find a main theme in the decorative items that you highlight and always keep. This does not always succeed, but theme Christmas trees are usually very harmonious and memorable. Take your time and try to create a coherent theme for your Christmas tree from the purchase of the Christmas tree decoration. You can also be inspired by the themes of other Christmas trees and implement them in their own way with other decorative items.

Correctly decorate in the right order

Keeping the right order is important for a harmonious end result. If one starts at the "wrong end", a tree will hardly ever be able to work harmoniously and "as if in one piece".

Depending on whether you use real candles or a fairy light, start with this part. Fairy lights are - for security reasons - clearly recommendable. Make sure that you use a chain with warm white lights if possible and check shortly before, whether all lights are actually lit.

Step 1: Wrap the fairy lights relaxed starting from the top down in a spiral around the tree. Make sure that the chain is not completely outside, that looks ugly.

Step 2: Attach the large Christmas tree balls, try to distribute the individual shades reasonably evenly and harmoniously. Then hang up the little Christmas tree balls. (Remember: big balls are preferred below)

Step 3. Distribute the other decoration elements balanced between the balls. Try to decorate not only the outer but also the inner branches - this makes the tree more plastic and impressive.

Step 4: Drape matching loops or if you want tinsel over the tree. Finally, you can give the tree the finishing touch with artificial snow.

Tips & Tricks

Tinsel is actually only a little recommended: It can be very difficult to remove later, when you break down the tree, and it may be life-threatening for cats and other pets.

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